You wake up and discover that you are the ruler of a planet. Describe a day in
your life.

B. Maralgua

Aww… It’s amazing. I am surprised. Now, I am ruler of a planet. This planet have oxygen, water, mountain, river, ocean, wind, forest and citizen. This planet’s citizen is alien. Now, I am alien’s president. I am shoked. And I have a magic stick. So, I can all want to do. It’s fantastic. It was my dream. I woke up. I need a breakfast. This planet’s food is another different to “Earth’s” food. Sure, I have breakfast for magic water. Magic water is blue, delicious and sweety. I like it. Magic water look like candy. Every children like candy. And I met citizen (alien). There are short, smart, funny, and sometimes crazy. My planet (now, this is mine) citizen alien looks like Earth human. So I am not scared. They had a good life. Alien always do exercise every morning. So, All alien is healthy. But my before planis Earth’s people always can’t do exercise. So, Earth’s people was sick. It’s sad. Okey, now about my planet. I know language for alien. Because I wan to know this. (magic stick). Society, it’s a good. All citizen can management, apologize and work to teamwork. It’s excellent thing. This plant haven’t virus, bad citizen, environment, polution. But, My earth have water polution, sick people, unrich, bad people and bad ruler. This planet is better than “earth”.

And I called my planet name is “BPoG”. “BPoG” means for Best Planet of Galaxy. My citizen liked this name. Afternoon, I helped for many people. And I played alien children. I teach Earth’s game for alien children. I gave a happy for kids. I have inspirallional. This planet haven’t sun. I don’t know Maybe it’s far far away from sun. This planet have lot of moons. It’s strange.

Woow, I take a picture all of planet things. So, After I watched for Earth people. Maybe there are un faith this for me. Maybe there are mean my picture is photoshop. My Earth’s water is unsmell, untasty. But BPoG’s water is cold, green coloring, delicious. You thought! BPOG’s ocean, river, waterproof and water are green. It’s unique. One day are long and short. This planet have 48 hours in day. So, I am lucky. I live for long time for this planet. Afternoon finish, I am tired. But, I am sure. I am good president. This planet haven’t a money. It’s good for me I think, this planet is best of the galaxy. Because, all citizen are smart, good skill, unangry, happy and extraordinary. All alien take care for others. They have all healthy body and smart brain. And next I had a dinner. Dinner was flower. Flower is not a flower. This was sweet cake. This cake look like flower shape. For this name called flower. Yummy! Yummy! Next, I travel in the jungle. Ohh, waterproof sound, bird’s sound, tree’s sound, and fresh air. All fantastic. And Next I want to go beach.

My Earth country for I lived country had not beach. Beach is good. Bad thing was no sun. But sure😊 I am only 16 years old. I saw another planet and become ruler. I am just lucky. So, one day finish. It’s sad. Because I might go to Earth. This planet’s spend time are very happy and unforgot. I am thanks for all alien. I understand for one thing. All time have a happy. Smile 😊 You never give up! I am future citizen for Mongolia. I never give up. This planet spend time is so fantastic. I loved it. I liked it. This day just fantastic perfect day for me. I learn lot of thing for another planet. Finish, I said “Goodbye my BPoG”. It’s very sad. No, I’m sure. I am alive! Good luck 😊 I have a dream.