You wake up and discover that you are the ruler of a planet. Describe a day in
your life.

Kaina Mehmeti

(PS- For the sake of the story I changed my name.)

Main Character: Me

Setting: A foreign planet far away from ours that found us

“Wake up,” a soothing voice said beside me. I felt a hand shake my body slightly. “Tito, wake up!” they said again. I opened my eyes to see my caretaker looking at me, with a nervous smile on her face. “Some nice gentlemen are here to take you,” she said. “They are going to adopt you today. Aren’t you happy?” she told me trying to sound glad, but I could tell she was nervous by the way that her gaze shift all around. “Get dressed. Here are some new clothes.

I was still confused and in my just awoken state I couldn’t comprehend what was going on. Not fully at least. I did as told and got dressed and cleaned up, then went to her office.

“Tito,” she greeted me with a smile when I opened the door. “Come meet your new guardians”.

Three men were standing near her table. Two of them where human, while the other one was a lizard man from a new planet. I had read about them in books, and I knew that they came to earth back when the first new species of aliens showed up. However I hadn’t seen one in person before. His skin was green and slimy and his eyes where at each side of the head.

“Hi” I greeted, and sat down.

“No don’t sit,” one of the humans said. “We are almost done. Jefry here will take you to the car and explain everything”

Jefry, the other human stood up and walked before me while the lizard men followed. I honestly couldn’t tell who was who with humans. We are all mixed with brown skin and black hair. I saw somewhere that our ancestors used to have all sort of skin and hair color. That seemed so cool, so different and beautiful.

“Tito” Jefery called for me while opening the door of a car so I could get in. I hestitaded. “I will explain everything inside” he assured me and steped in. We all sat in the huge planecar.

“Today is your 20th birthday,” he stated a fact I already knew. “On this day, 19 years ago, you were sent to this orphanage, to live together with all the other children from the species of the galaxy. As you know, you were raised normaly, and were taught about Earth as it is now, populated by every alien you could imagine, coegzisting.” He said all of this with a serious tone, looking ahead. “But you have to know that you and the rest are not normal. You are all royalty children, born from the country rullers that live around the globe. When each of you turns 20, you get to rule the part of the planet that belongs to you.”

I was so mesmirized by this new information. I had learned all about our country’s way of doing things but I never knew that I would be the human ruler. I basically represented all of us.

“Now of course you can’t rule a country without knowlege” lizard man said. “Everything you need to know is here” he mentioned, and showed me the USB in his hand. He then grabed my head. I flinched but didn’t resist. He jerked it forward and inserted the USB in the compartment in my neck, that is build in everyone so that you can collect data. In an instant everything flashed right before my eyes. How I was supposed to rule, all of the laws in power, the problems, the solutions, names, figures, dates, my people, and all the misory that they have gone threw. I could see nothing but that. I dug my nails in the lather chair, tears flooding from my eyes, until, it was finally over. I felt tired, but I knew so much more, somethings I didn’t even think I want to know, but I did. Then the car started to move. It went fast enough to reach the speed of light, and we went to the palace.

“It’s the human HC” they informed me. My new home. The procedures were over in the blink of an eye, and I was now, believe it or not, King. They took me everywere. I went to a school, and saw all of the amazing things that my students learned. I went to a farm, and saw the great work farmes did. I went to a church, mosque, hospital, and tens of homes, and everywhere I was greeted. People bowed before me. But I didn’t like it.

“You’re going to give a speech now”


I was prepared after all, my mind knew what to do now. I felt like a robot. I did everything automatically, the way other people had decided for me. I would have quit, if it wasn’t for the people. I could see their scared, yet faithful expressions, directed toward me. I knew it was hard, the war and all the deaths were unberable. They looked up to me for hope. And I decided the moment I found out about their fear, that I would take it away.