You find yourself locked inside an old abandoned building. How did you get
there? How do you get out?

Rifqi Hilman

My Joyful Experience

            Have you ever had a amazing experience? Sadly, I have. One day, I went home from my school. On the way, I found a ring. My friends said if I haven’t to pass a way behind my school because there was a horrifying house. But, I still to pass the way, I felt scare when I pass the way and I saw a enormous and horrifying house. Suddnely, there was someone called my name from the gigantic and eerie house. I didn’t saw the huge house again. It was beginning of my marvelous experience.

            After that, there was someone who gave me a ring. “Why you give me a ring?” I said. He didn’t responded my question and he lost. I didn’t know where’s he going? He was creepy, tall, and he wore a cloth who close his body. So, I continued my trip to go home. In the ring there was a paper. I thought that was an old paper. I would read it in my home.

“Mom, I have arrived” I said. So, I went to my bedroom to read the paper. The ring was match with my finger. I read the paper and I was very surprised because the writer said “someone who wear this ring you will be a hero”. I was very joyful because I will be a hero!! So, I wear the ring and I took a nap. In my dream I saw a witch said to me “You have wore this ring and you will get a cursed by the ring. After that, I woke up and I was in an old building and it was very quiet.

“ooooooohhh, Nooooo!!!” I said. I have cursed by this ring and I locked in a room. It was very dirty and dark. I walked to seek the door and I kicked a bottle. I took a bottle and opened it. Suddenly, an angel out from the bottle. It was very small and it has a beautiful wings. “Hey” said the angel. “What’s your name?” said the angel. “Aaa my name is David” I said. “Ooo. My name was Tinder” said her. “You name Tinker?” I said. “Sure, usually my friends called me Tinkerbell” said her.

I didn’t believe that I found an angel. “Thank you David. You have saved my life.” said her. “No problem” I said. “Why you here?” said her. “Hhmmm I get a cursed by my ring” I said. “Your story same like me” said her. She told me if she has cursed by a witch and she had magic power. “You have saved me. Can I help you?” said her. “Sure I want to go out from this room” I said. I thought I have to go off this ring. I told it for the angel and she tried to go off my ring but it can’t.

I was very depressed because I would be here forever. I cried loudly and “I want to meet my family!!!” I sad. Suddenly, the ring went off from me and the door opened. “Bbrrraahhh!!” I was very shocks and I went out from the room. After that, the ring lost and I was very joyful because I could go out from this room.

Suddenly, my mom called me and I woke up. I read a history book of ring. The cursed could lost because someone who wore the ring and he cried loudly and he missed his family. I thought that was only a dream but I felt if my dream it was real. I was very glad because I could go out from the dirty, dark, and stinky room. I won’t to pass the way again. I would remember my dream but it was real.