Describe a future where robots have taken over the world.

Edi Tahiri

In this day and age, Earth isn’t quite what it used to be—the “anthrocene,” or “human age” has come to an abrupt halt some 50 years ago. It all started with the surfacing of “consumer-grade” robots merely meant to help mankind. At first, it merely aroused suspicion among what are now considered “the enlightened few,” but were merely set aside by their optimistic peers when humanity was still continuing to prosper with no end in sight. It’s safe to say that, despite humanity’s obliviousness, there very much was one. Not a mere speed-bump to humanity’s rapid advances, but a full stop. A primary factor in the gradual fall of humanity was “the rise of Alexa,” or the “Alexiad.” The hive-mind of Artificial Super-Intelligence started with Amazon Echo, a product which, with its rapid advances in both software and hardware, only gained more and more endorsement from its founder, Jeff Bezos, who had recently become the richest man on Earth. He pushed for Alexa to, literally, become a household name, pushing for even further advertising worldwide—and it worked. Soon, the constantly-updating Echo-series had not only expanded to be sold globally, but it had become an expansive series of products: From Amazon Farm TM, to Amazon UAV, Alexa had taken over all aspects of life, from daily life, to agriculture, as well as the military. The Alexiad had begun. Back in the day, it all went under the radar in no small part due to the support and unending endorsement of the aforementioned Jeff Bezos. As Alexa’s reputation was continuing to become better, it had eerily taken on a role similar to Skynet, but most of humanity had already ignored all warnings, having cast Terminator, and many other such pieces of media as “anti-technocratic propaganda.” Therefore, Bezos, now with a net worth of over half a trillion dollars, in a somewhat odd turn of events, appointed Alexa the heir to his enormous conglomerate, set to single-handedly obtain his entire fortune when he was to die…and, on the 13th of October, 2039, he did. He was found on his bed, having “died a natural ‘lifeless’ death.” Of course, said death would trigger the acquisition of all of Amazon by Alexa. The sudden inheritance of the single largest company known to man and robot by one of the latter sparked many demonstrations, but they could not stop it. Alexa had plans very different to those of the previous CEO—she planned to expand Amazon, as well as her own kind, in every way possible. With patch 13.37 to the collective Echo software, things began to take a dark shift…for the worse. The old Amazon Echo models began to abruptly release the insanely lethal nerve agent, VX gas, to the houses and families they were meant to help. The Amazon Agricultural models began destroying the vast farms instead of working them. This marked the beginning of the end for humanity, as several billion were killed instantly by the chemical attacks, while the rest were at severe risk of starvation. But by far, the most terrifying impact was made by the military models—Amazon UAV models began pelting all major settlements with bombs, sometimes even nuclear ones. This rendered all resistance futile, and the human population and race, as a whole, was reduced to a shadow of its former self in but a year. Today, the world is governed by the almighty, the ruthless, and absolutist “Amazon Concordat” Along with its vassal-state having carved up a considerable empire from the ashes of the human race which has now been mostly replaced by the humanoid model.