You’re on a hike in the forest when the trees start talking to you! What do they
say and what do you do?

Andrii Krechuniak

  • He-eee-loo fri-eeend – said the tree to me.
  • Heeloo? – answered I to the tree. I was very frightened.
  • What’s ur name? – asked I. It was so exciting for me to talk with TALKING TREE!!!
  • My na-aa-me is bo-ooo-b. – said the tree with very rude voice. He was talking so slowly and it was very cool.
  • Ok, Bob, my name is Andrii. You are so cool!!! – I said.

I was so amazed. I just wanted to tell it to everybody that I find a talkative tree.

  • Andrii? – said the tree. – It’s a very buital name, Andrii.
  • Andrii!!! – I heard. It was my mum.
  • Ok, Bob. I must go home.

It was so cool!!! At home I was laying on the bed and thinking:

  • I must save this in secret!!! – I thought. If I tell somebody about it, they will kill my new great friend.

Next day in school we were writing about something fantastic. And what do you think, what I had written about? Yeah!!! I wrote about my friend – Bob. When the teacher were looking throughw my papers, she was very interested, why I named the tree – Bob?

  • Eee-mm-h… – I was very frightened. If I say, what I had saw, she will think that I am a psycho!
  • I don’t know how to name a tree in other way. I answered.
  • Ok… – said the teacher.

When I came home I, ate, done my homework, take a bike and drive to the tree.

  • He-eee-looo? – I was shouting to find a tree.
  • Aaa-ggh!!! Why are you shouting so loud? – answered a tree.
  • Sorry… I bring you some water… – I poored some to his leg or what is this?
  • O-ooo-ohh!!! I didn’t taste so tasty water for a long years I live.
  • Soo… how old are you?
  • I’m a tree of Edem’s garden. I saw, how was looking Adam and Eve. I saw how the Napoleon was fighting. I saw many blooding boys were fighting….
  • Woo-ooo-ow!!! – I said it was so exciting to listening to his stories. – So you are so ancient? I can’t belive it. Ok, I must go home Bye!!!

When I was near my home I saw a police car.

  • Oh no! Mum and dad! I forgot to say them, that I’m going for a walk! Damn it!
  • Hi, little prisoner!!! Now you are on home arrest!!! – said father.
  • Oh nooo!

The years were going. I didn’t visit that tree for a long time. I was 12 when I found it. Now I’m 40. I am working as a writer. My first writing was about that tree and little boy. Nobody knows about that tree. I kept my secret! My mision in this world is successfully done. Now I can sleep in comfort, and tree can sleep in comfort, as it will never be destroyed by human’s