You and your family have been chosen to host Earth’s first visitor from outer
space: an alien. They are your age and will go to school with you. Write about your day.

Emujin Ts.

I always want to live with aliens. In my opinion, they are extremely amazing and awful. One lucky day, me and my family have been chosen to host Earth’s first visitor from outer space, an alien. Oh! my god! This is very fantastic. These days will become my life’s the most interesting days. Firstly, Aliens came to my home. Wow! They are absolutely amazing. Aliens has bear’s strong, giraffe’s neck, pig’s nose, person’s brain, magician’s magic and baby’s voice. Ha ha! They have yellow striped body, big strange nose, black long mouth, and grey circle tail. Aliens speak all languages. Secondly, they go to school with me. My friends are scarying. My friends are running go home. I said “Trust me. They are my family. Aliens very funny and helpful. All things okay. Come on!” We together learned lesson. They changed a school into a castle. Wow! My school become a castle. We together singed “Shape of you.” It’s very funny. Lastly, aliens changed a desert into a candy ocean. This is children’s dream. I said “Aliens, can change everythings.” Aliens changed our Earth into a DELICACIES WORLD. Oh! my gush! These houses made cake, candy, ice candy, chocolate, milk and sugar. Our world became DELICACIES WORLD. River became milk, Apartments became cake, glasses became ice candy, sun became golden chocolate, and rain became the juice. It’s “DELICACIES WORLD.” Very delicious. All in all, I love aliens. They are very helpful and funny. They can change the Earth into an “Eden.” This essay growed my brain and my heart.