On your way to school you meet a dragon. The dragon is lost and you decide to
spend your day with him. Describe your day with the dragon.

Alanah Dell Alagos

“Dragon Island”

One ordinary day as I was peacefully walking to school, I suddenly heard a strange noise. I looked left but I didn’t heard the noise, I looked right and yet again I heard the same noise. Since my neighborhood is near a forest some say it’s a mysterious forest that no one dares to come.

Some called it “The Red Forest”. I walked cautiously and heard it once again. My curiosity took over me so I started running step by step going deeper and deeper into the forest. I was in shocked of what such thing lying in front of me, there I saw a really big dragon, its color was a beautiful emerald green that was very something to look at. But he was screaming for help, he was tied up in a really big tree. I wanted to help the poor thing so I did. I found a sharp looking branch and I attempted to cut the rope. As I tried hard cutting the rope, the Dragon noticed me and he tried helping as well. He started to pull on the rope too. Soon I found out that he was a very friendly dragon, with our teamwork the rope finally broke free.

The Dragon was really joyous, then he spoke “Thank you for setting me free” said the dragon. I was speechless for a moment, but I finally had to speak up “It wasn’t a problem at all” I smiled at him. “To repay your kindness I shall take you to visit my home”. He bend down gesturing me to hop into his back. When I was comfortable, he spread his beautiful green wings and flew in the heavens. We finally arrived at our destination and I saw the most Amazing place filled with all sorts of dragons. Each one has a very unique color, it was just an amazing experience. We got to explore new places, meet different kind of Dragons. It was everything I’ve imagined, but of course it came to an end. The Dragon dropped me off at the same location in the street I have walked earlier. I hugged the Dragon and bid farewell to him. When I started walking my surroundings became blurry, all I can see is black.

I finally woke up seeing my mom shaking me, I looked around and saw I was in my bedroom. I was in shock, then I looked to my mom, “Mom I saw a Dragon” I said. “That’s silly dear they don’t exist” mom said. “B-but I did saw it yesterday”. “What are you talking about, you were in school yesterday”. Mom was oddly surprised by what I was saying. Then she told me that it was probably a dream. But I didn’t believe her, deep down I knew that my Dragon friend, and The Dragon Island exists somewhere beyond the outside world.