You live alone with a pet cat. One day the cat starts talking. What does it say,
and what happens next?

Omar Ezzoulairi

My family go to Agadir in the holiday, but I stay alone at home with a cat. This cat is for me it’s name Mimi. So while I’m making my dinner Mimi comes to me in the kitchen. The cat say “Myaw” so I understand it want some of chocolat. But I don’t give it to Mimi, at one moment the cat start talking and they say “Hey give me some of choclat right now”. Oh my god that’s fantastic and very strong, at the moment I’m feeling so scare. My heart want to get out in my body. I don’t have anything to do exept talking with my cat. So the cat want eating choclat but I havn’t. Mimi want to fight with but I’m really scare about it. Actually the cat is very nice with me because they don’t forgot my great behavior with it so Mimi say to one “don’t worry, you are my best friend and you always help me and you make me enjoy” So I was wondering when I listen to him, after that I don’t feel scare I say to Mimi Wow I have a very nice talking cat, that’s great, that’s a mazing. So I start talking with my cat “Mimi”

I say: Mimi that’s very interesting! How you can talking with me? More than that you use my language!!

Mimi say: Omar. I know the animals are not talking the language of humans but I’m exeption because I’m not a normal cat.

So I say: Oh! I can’t belive that

Mimi: Yeah this is the true. I’m not a normal cat and I’m not from this place.

I say: Wow! So where are you from?

Mimi: I’m from out of the earth. And I am just for know is some one live here in the earth?

I say: fantastic! Continue please.

Mimi: I find alot of people here but you are the first one wish I talked with him

I say: That’s great Mimi me to t his is my first time of talking with a cat.

Mimi: Oman. You are my best friend in that world because I don’t have any one exept you.” The cat start crying. So I say: Mimi what is youre problem? Why you are crying? Tell me what is wrong?..

Mimi: all my family is die. I’m realy love you because you protect me all this years. Finaly I live with my nice talking cat in peac. And I’m the only one who talk with a cat. So that’s amazing.