On your way to school you meet a dragon. The dragon is lost and you decide to
spend your day with him. Describe your day with the dragon.

Telmuun Chimmedorj

Ones upon a time there was a little boy called Telmunn. Telmunn always dreamed of becoming a knighte and slay the dragon and save the princes but alas we don’t live in a fantasy world do we? Telmunn’s parents always say when you grow up you are gonna become a loyer not some kind of a knight you need to grow up and stop the silly dream of becoming a knight. Telmunn was losing faith on becoming a kight, 10 years later Telmunn turned into a teenager and he lost faith on his dream of becoming a knight. And then he gone to school. The kid was sad that he will never gonna become a knight and that we don’t live in a fantasy world. School ended on his way home he saw a dragon. Normally he would attake, atake, slay the dragon and think he would become a knight but he was really scared and couldn’t move. The dragon was 10 feet tall and he was red, and he was really terrafing. The dragon saw the kid and did not kill him. Insteed he asked the boy could you help me find my home sayd the dragon. Telmunn was really confused and he taught he sayd yes I would gladly help you find your way home. The dragon was really happy that he sayd that and Telmunn sayd come on then let’s fly sayd the boy. But the dragons wing was hurt the boy said how did this happen. The dragon sayd i was playing with my dragon friends, but then father called me. So i asked father what is it? I need yout to get/fetch me a ancient magic flower for me. Why do you need it? Your mother has a dragon fever and the only that would cure her is the ancient magic flower it’s at the humens territory I would go if somebody could protect the dragon valey. Ok father i will go then I flew and got here and thes humen soldiers saw me shot me right at the wing so could you help me? Yes, of course so let’s go we need to get out of the city first few hours later they got out of the city while they were going telmunn got some bandages for the dragon and the dragon sayd thank you but I need oned flower it grows at the mountain in thy yon, climbed the mountain got the flower and the dragon was cured and then they flew and they got the ancient flower and dragon remembered the way back home. They flew there and gave the flower to the dragon but dragon’s father wasn’t happy about he let a humen get in our dragon valey. Then dragon told his dad that he helped me then the dragon forgave him and he became a dragon knight his dream came true but he said that i’m still a child in the future when i’m gonna become adult i will return until them i will be just a child and go to school. The dragon sayd thank you for everything we wouldn’t done it without you will be always welcome to our home thank you. The chid was happy dragon’s mother was OK. The end.