On your way to school you meet a dragon. The dragon is lost and you decide to
spend your day with him. Describe your day with the dragon.

Jon Kqiku

I was coming back from school and i saw a purple egg, i took it home to see what is it, but i was scared to touch or break the egg. i waited some wekks those wekks become months. The day has comed the egg started kracking but my mom called and said: you are late for school Jon the bus is here come on. When i was in school, i waited a lot till the ending of class. When i arrived home i see the egg isn’t there i look on the floor the egg was kracked hard i look inside the egg no creature in there at the main street i heard a scream of a girl i got out and saw a little dragon that his arm was broken from the fall in the floor. i got the first aid kit from my car and i wrapped the dragon’s arm with a cloth to heal his or her i didn’t now the gender, after some weeks i realized that he or she is growing up and i wanted to free him in the wilderness, because he or she was dangerous he or she was so cute and soft, i cried When i left the dragon free. but the dragon hopped me in the back and we flyed to a unknown place, an told me i am a boy and i know how to talk, where do you wanna go i said i have 2 favorite places the grand canyon in Arizona and the white house in Uashington DC. i wanna see the place where the twin towers was, he sad okay i will take you but hold on tight because i fly fast Jon i repied: how do you now my name i heard your mam call you, i asked What’s your name, my name is Trevor my parent named me i said: where is your family Trevor they died in a storm called irma and the egg fell of on your village and luckily you found me and saved my life but you have to know one thing i now i am leaving but you always be in my heart forever Jon, you to Trevor you to you will be my friend forever. Life always opens a door for you, but the one that matters, who youll give the key to. (author: Me)