You wake up in prison, but you don’t belong there. How do you escape?

Meriem Ben Chelha

waking up feeling very disy, its sunny, that means I’ve been sleeping for hours

where am I?; the first question that I could think of , “I’m kidnapped” I thought to myself, I looked around seeing if I can identify the room, no clue, this is the first time I see this place, fear kicks in and I start screaming… not because I’m locked, because I’m locked in a prison, why am I here, I remembered what happened last summer, being kidnapped by your best friend slach psycho cruch in defenetly not easy, but I makde it thought you must be wonedering how, well, I killed Sam but it was self defense so I wasn’t charged for it, but now Sam is dead who could be doing this, in the middle of my trip back to the past a man opened the door, I ask the abvious question where am I? he laughed and sead “far from home stop yelling your pissing me off”, he left before I could even say anuthing else. I knew its serious, I needed to run. “but how?” I asked myself. Well I’ll just have to find a way. I looked arround for anything that could help me oppen the cell I remembered my hair pins, my mom always told me I look like a child with them in my hair, god I missed my mom, I chook my head our of a beautiful memory, I took my hair pin and tried to open the cell door, boom got it, tried to look for any exits but no signe of one, there is a window but with meddle bars I looked through and there I saw the most chocking thing ever, Jake sam’s brother talking to some men among them there’s the guy who come to my cell earlyer, as chocked as I was I slaped myself in the face and sead I need to leave this place. the prison is empty, abandoned mostly and very big. I started exploring the place a little, finaly found a door, I opened it gentaly, finally the light. I saw a car, then headed straight for it I reashed for the door “Yes its open” I sead to myself, I was trying to hot wire the car when I heard a coff, my heart sinked as I slowly turned around and guess who it was, no other than Jake, I couldn’t help but start crying I thought that this was my end and then he said something that shut me up instantly, he said “I didn’t bring you here to kill you” which was chocking considering the fact that Jack was always the bad rebal, I looked at him and said: “well I don’t think I’m here to attend a tea party either”, he laughed and sead: “I brought you here because I needed to apolegyse to you for what my prother did”, I responded: “I forgave your brother a long time ago” he said well that’s not it there’s one more thing. And then he said somehting I couldn’t even believe. Aperently Sam was never friend with me willingly, his brother made him be my friend because my father whose a police man killed their dad an ex con and a very known drug dealer in an attempt to arrest him, so Sam and Jake were planning to ashieve revenge by killing me, but Sam already started liking me when his brother realised that what they were doing was wrong so he told him to leave me alone, Sam refused but didn’t tell his brother, that’s when he decided to kidnapp me and you guys know the rest.

I was shocked but after all of this not really surprised cuz I kind of got used to suprises. Jake said that he feels bad about the way he brough me here but that was the only way since my parents are over pertective of me, I remembered by parets and said: “they must be worred now” he replyed: “no , they think your in camp” oh okay no surprise there Jake always new how to weezle his way out of everything. Okay, fast forward to now, I got back home safe and sound and lets just say I learned a lesson, when your in a restauant and the firl across you asks you to go to the bathroom with her, don’t cuz a very large man with a beard will knowck you out. and yeah Jake is in Soain trying to live like normal people. the end.