You are a kid’s imaginary friend, but you find yourself slowly fading away as they
grow older.

Nargil G.

June, June. My little star. I wish I could hug you and say real words to you . But unfortunately I have neither flesh nor blood. Yes It’s me. Your imaginary friend Ella.

When I opened my eyes very the first time I saw this beautiful creature lying in front of Charmton’s orphanage. You were only ten days old, then when your little blue eyes were seeing me. I was standing there like a moron who was nearly passed away due to shock. Because you are so special and I knew you’ll become my world in that moment. I know you always think that you were abandoned from your parents and no one cares about you. But remember I was standing beside you all the time. When you were crying because of soliditary and said to me all of your secrets. I listened your every single words and sang a song to you. The only thing I can do for you was share your sadness and spread my happy virus to you. I’ve never been enough but believe me. I loved you from the deepest side of my heart.

Ella. I like that name. As you spelling my name for the first time. Remember, you wrote that “writing” about me in my birthday. (Actually It was the birthday of both of us). And read that writing in loud voice to all your classmates. Even they laughed. I was sitting there and so proud of you. So. Now. I am disappearing into the air like pieces of dust. Yeah I guess it’s time to go. Time I lived in your imagination is exactly 12 years. That’s enough to me. Play time is over. But It’s over only for me.

Life is only beginning now. At last thank you. June. For all of the memories you made with me and been my reason to exist.