Invent a new season and how it affects the world.

Emmanuel Pascua


Summer, winter, spring and fall, the world already had four. A cycle that continues each and every year. Some experience two, some one, some three, and some all the four. But what if we had five? What if I add one? Well, moonbeam would be the name.

A season where in the moon that we knew turns violet or pinkish violet. The whole night sky is violet and the surrounding air produces mistral sparks whenever movement is present. Magical, isn’t it? The light emitted by the moon causes floral and faunal mutations. New plants sprout in many variations and most of them produces the same light as the moon. Luminescent plants that glows to the touch. New insects creep in, some normal turn gigantic. Beware of spiders and no night swimming in the ocean for this is the time were creatures from the deep uncharted abyss arose. But you may enjoy glowing jellyfish floating in the air instead. And the best part of this season is that the gravity is 1/4th lesser so we are lighter. Yay! We could fly now! No. Not actually you may only be able to jump to the clouds reach to feel like you’re flying but requires you to get somewhere high in altitude of course. But, the downfall of this season is, it only lasts for a month. Everything that lives within the season dies after the season. So don’t every get a pet from the moonbeam if you don’t wanna cry in the end.

Well, a happy season which you may not want to waste. A season worth waiting for It happens only during a leap year. So that’s a moonbeam then another four years. But if you ever get to find a moon shard (its violet and glowing) do keep it. And place it somewhere you wanted moonbeam creatures to spawn. Cause it’s actually one of their life source, of course only at moonbeam. So pack your bags and ready your digging tools. By the way, moon shards replaced diamonds as the hardest thing on earth and also the most expensive thing now. It’s a must have.