Invent a new season and how it affects the world.

Massina Benamara

In our planet “the earth” we have four seasons: Autumn, winter, summer and spring. And each season have it carasteristiques. So what will happen to the world if the scientifics invent a new season?

The people arround the world have their activities, cultur, or traditionnel things to do every season to keep them alive and happy. As recolting fruit on the summer, celebrating Hallowen on fall, with the time that became part of their lifetime and routine. If the scientifics invent a new season it will unbelievable for a lot of civilation and people espicaly the ones who don’t believe in science also the ones who have a close mind and don’t believe in anything ercept their conditionnels and religions. That way inventing a new season gonna be hard for them. So they will think that it’s the end of the world or God’s angry. That why they will live a scary life full of pain because their lifetime gonna change but with the time they’ll accept that and live in peace. And the ones who have an open mind they will accept that because they believe in the power of science and that the world must change because it’s in the danger and the weather are automaticaly changing because of humain’s activities and pollution. For them it great to invent anew season because maybe it’s good for the earth to save it and to save humanity because without earth it will be no human and animals… the scientifics invent a new season for reason. that why everyone must accept that truth and live in a peace and stay away from hate and ware to make the earth a great place full of love and respect because we are humans and we must accept each other.