Invent a new season and how it affects the world.

Aida Redžepagić

People were preparating for winter, so was I. I threw my summer/fall clothes in my old closet and got the winter clothes.

I could feel and smell the snow and the coldness, it’s not my favourite season but I love New Year. I saw it’s getting late, which I didn’t notice because of the Christmas and New Years marathon of movies, I went to sleep.

I was shaking. Maybe I was cold and have a fever. I still didn’t open my eyes, I was trying to reach my phone but I was surprised.

The phone, the table I mean my whole room was shaking. Is this real?—I pitched myself.

I couldn’t move, I was shaking with the room, crying alone in my apartment. I don’t know after how many minutes or hours it stopped, but it felt like ages. I dressed up, and ran out for the help, for answers.

I ran out. It doesn’t look like a fall or winter, it’s something else.

It’s something that I didn’t know existed. It was warm but in the air I could feel that it was cold and windy. Walking, feeling speachless and no people.

Oh, wait.—Hey you, can you help me?—I yelled at a person. It looked like that person sttoped, I started runing to reach him.

He is not a person, I thought then I corrected myself, he was a person. He was turned into stone, empty and confused. Looking around me I notice some other people. I ran with a dying hope inside of me. Hah, they were turned into stones as well. I felt like I’m going to pass away, what happened to these people? Why no one is coming out of their houses? Why am I the only one alive? Hopefully not alone, but that hope went away like the souls of those people until one second. An sort of animal attacked me, I fell. It was a dog with red eyes and with the leather as strong as a metal. It scared me. He was angry and hugry, that’s only I could tell.

I ran away into an open house, that’s how I escaped him. I sat there for hours scared to go out. Hours and hours were the only thing that has been passing but not my fear.

Someone came in. A girl. Wait, how could she be alive?

She screamed—People here! C’mon let’s hide here because I can feel it’s coming! About ten people came in with her, surprised like me. There were people bleeding, crying, screaming…She later told me that a new seson came, because of the pollution and because of the destroyded world. A wind full of ashes comes once in a while and it turns people into stone and dogs into monsters and some animals as well, into monsters or somethi else, but not stone.

A wind went through our city so did fear. We were all together in this stella, me and 10 others strangers. We sticked all together, but not all were serviving. People who were bleeding turned into stone, and so we all 6 were alone with the hungriness and emptyness. I found the old newspapers in this house. I kept reading them and found out that this happened 100 years ago, just in different coutry, far from us.


We ate what we would find, simetimes we would just stay during the day with a small piece a bread. Sometimes we oudln’t hear the roar of the animals, each week a higher and higher number of different roars. One night I was investigating this house. I found a big mirror with the crystals, a little bit unnoticible broken. I found a journal of an old woman with the describtion for this mirror. The mirror was used against this wind. We tried it once, we did everything what she wrote, but we were unfortinate, we are 3 now. The wind was very strong, stronger than us, stronger than the mirror. Mirror was very bright because of the crystals, it turned the wind in the opposide direction but it broke as well. The wind came back immeadiately, we who were fast got back into house and survived but those who were not fast, didn’t survive together with Stella.

Now we don’t have Stella anymore who could sense the wind coming, it has passed 2 months now. According to the newspaper and the journal this season lasts 5 months. With no electricty and power, a little amount of food and water, I am writing this into my journal hoping that someone will find this journal because I lost hope that we will survive.

Maybe, one day, someone will find this helpful if this happens again but until then we will try to survive somehow to feel a snowflake again.