You are exploring in the woods with a friend when you get lost. You meet a
person who offers to lead you out and you accept. However, before long you get
the feeling you are being led somewhere nobody would want to go.

Khadija Amechnoug

We were so confused. Sarah was mad at me like if it was my fault. I took a look behind and I saw a handsome boy looking at us, he said “Can I help you ladies” I said “we’re actualy lost, can you led us to a hotel near this place?”, he accepted. We were really happy. Accept that he was acting weird the whole time, he changes his voice from male to female also he acts. It was AWKWARD. Anyway it was all good until it got dark and we didn’t arrive yet. Evertime I ask he ignore me. After a second I see a very old hotel in front of my face I was so worried. He said “Welcome girls, this is the Marten’s Hotel, our hotel”. I couldn’t say anything I see Sarah and I know that she just wanna get in and check her phone as always. We opend the door and I smelled a very bad smell just like if someone was dead and stayed the for years. As I turned to ask him if we can go to our room he surprised me with a piece of fabric with a weird smell in my nose. I woke up in tiny room with a lot of boxes. Sarah wasn’t next to me then I understood that I was being kidnapped me and Sarah. He open the door slowly and said “hey sweety, I’m sorry it wasn’t me. He asked me to do it”. I said who and where is my friend? What am I doing her are you going to kill me?” “He said it’s Alberto he wants to take care of a beatiful lady like you and give her to our god as a food for him when he’s going to come”, and your friend is in the other room. She’s safe just like you.” I said “wher is Albertu I wanna talk tu him, I’m sure he’ll understand me”. He ignored me and just left. I spend 5 days in that tiny room on doing the same thing that guy kept handing me food. And just counting every time he say how many days left. I didn’t get it . I kept thinking. I knew there’s something that I can do. When he cam again as usual to give me good. And I told him to explaine for me why the counting. He said “it’s how many days left for the god to come and for you to be eaten, and by the way you’re friend’s dead she wasn’t a good girl like you” I was so upset. I dropped some tears but I knew that I’ll get out of there. As he was going I took the knife in my place and cut myself in the hand and screemed he said “what are you kidding me you should be in a great health so we can give you to god. “I said am sorry” he told me he’s going to call Alberto to see what are we going to do. I was waiting for Alberto tu come. I wanted to see him it was just a trick to see Alberto and to see what are they going to do because that they took care of me just for their god. He came in again and I said where is Alberto he said in a harsh voice and a pocker face it’ me. I understood that the guy has so many personalities. I was calm any way he said let’s take you to the hospital: knew it was my time to go from there but I didn’t know what to do because Alberto seemed so mean. I knew he was going to keep his eyes on me. We went to the hospital they gave me medicines and stuff. I was looking all the time in Alberto and he was looking at me too. I said do you want me to tell you a story he said “No” do I look like Sefina I said who. He said she took care of you the whole time”. I understood that if I told him the story Sefina will come. I insisted and it as I was telling him the story I see him smilling and concentrating with me. I knew it was Sefina. She was happy at the ending of the story. He come to hug me and I knew it was the moment I took the machine next to me and hit him with it. I ran out of the room. And closed the door: I looked for the nurces to tell them that he kidnaped me and and yeah they helped me and called the police… it was awful. But I was lucky to be smart.