You are exploring in the woods with a friend when you get lost. You meet a
person who offers to lead you out and you accept. However, before long you get
the feeling you are being led somewhere nobody would want to go.


I got lost with my bestfriend in the woods when our class went camping last year. The was a scary yet funny story. My best friend persuaded me to go into the woods and i finally accepted. At first i didn’t want to go far from others because i got a feelings that something bad might happen. But my friend is so good and persuading me so we went to the woods. After about 40 minutes we were both have no idea where we are. I was about to worried a bit but my friends looked fine and said “Its okay, I’m sure others are searching us right now. So lets enjoy this beautiful land scenes before they find us.” After her advice I looked around and saw such a beautiful sight. There was a water fall in front of us. It was a first time that we saw a waterfall. After I saw a waterfall I forgot about all negative thoughts and started to play waterfight with her. There was a birds tweet sound and that sound mixed with the water pouring sound gives me a happiness which I haven’t felt before. And we found some plants and animal we didn’t know that were existed. It was so funny and interesting until it gets dark. I immediately started to feel scared and I noticed that my friend was like that too. We just couldn’t stand there and waiting for others will find us. So we just walk to the direction which we thought right. After walking for 1 hour. We slowly lost our hope. But then a man just come out from nowhere.he was weating a mask which was terrifying and word old and baggy clothes. He offered to lead us out. We knew that something was fishy but we accepted that offer because he was our last hope. And witht hat man we started to go to somewhere. However, before long I got the feeling that we were being led somewhere nobody would want to go. We were scared, could do anything but followed him. And suddenly he reached the house which was like a house with a ghost starred in a horror movie. When we asked the man where we were, he said that “I don’t think you two have enough energy to be continueing. So you two are just stay at my place for a night. I bet that will be a more interesting than your expectation” We got a goosebumps and after reached a room that he gave us, we started to plan run away from that house. We opened the window and got out. After we got from that horrifying house safety we just run somewhere as far as we can. After we felt we’re safe, I began to angry at my friend. And told her all that things was her fault. She denied and we fought so hard. After serious fought we split two ways and went different directions. I angrily walked until I heard someone’s screaming. It was my friend’s voice. I was so worried and felt so sorry to her. So I began to ran where the voice came from. When I reached the place the man, who offered us help, standing there. And he grabbed the big wood beside him and planning to kill my friend. I started to cry and pleaded to not kill her. I cried a lot that cause me to cant see what happened in front of me. But then I realize that the man removed his mas and he was our teacher. I was in deep shock and can’t figure out what just happened. But my classmates and teacher are planning this trick to me and my friend because they knew we went to the woods. And they said “now you two will never go to somewhere without any permission.” My bestfriend and I heard that and we held each other and cried together. That was a very memorable day in my whole life.