You are exploring in the woods with a friend when you get lost. You meet a
person who offers to lead you out and you accept. However, before long you get
the feeling you are being led somewhere nobody would want to go.

Milica Redzepi

We played with guys from school truth or dare, the guys gives us dare to go into the wood and to stay there three hours. Once we refused but they said “Cmon don’t be such…we thought Sara and you Ella we thought you brave girls”. Then we accepted the challeng they took us into the forest and left us there in the dark. —Cmon guys it’s not funny!—Ella says.

But there no one. We were heard wolfs and other beasts in forest. We took eachother from hands and hug so tight. I was worried for Ella’s health because she has asthma. And then we saw some ight icoming to us. There was a woman with long curly hair I think she was 56 maybe, but she was old.

—Who are you?—I asked her. She was quiet.

—Who are you!?—I was angry a little bit.

—I’m Mary, you two lost can I help you?

—I’m not sure?—I says. She gives me her hand to get up her hand was so skinny and her nails were yellow and long. She was looking like a woman from 15th century. We was walking for along time then we came in some house it was a old house made from trees. She opened the door and there was old stuff for cooking and old beds. She doesn’t had a carpet in house. Elle was touch me slowly.

Sara look!!!—she says with fright in her voice. I turened around and the I was freeze there was a parts of girl’s body’s in jars.

—She killed them???—I screamed.”

She saw us, she locked the door and she started to coming colose to us.

She was looking so creepy in her mouth appear so big teeth she grab my leg, she bite me I was kick her in face. But she didn’t feel anything.

Ella was panic I was afraid to not happen something to her.

—Ella, It will be okay, don’t be afraid! I took a knife from desk and I cut her hand, Ella was took keys and she opened the door we run away from that house then some big think appear in the sky it was her, she was like a bat with wings and that skin. She followed us while we didn’t find one whole beside one lake, she was searching for us and then she left. We stayed there whole night when we woke up it was morning. Then one old man saw us.

—What did you done here at night???

—You shouldn’t came hear, here everynight appear a woman who call Marry she was, young and beautiful girl but her fiance left her and then she was so angry she killed him and she ate his heart. From then in every full moon she is killing a young girls and eating their hearts.

We freezed when we heard that. Thanks God that we still alived—I gave a sarcastic smile.

—Thanks sir we are not coming here anymore I swear.

We went home healt and alive :)

The end…maybe