Write a story from the villain’s perspective.

Giorgi Gelovani

My whole world is full of fights between me and my inner passions. I see no way to overcome this growing desair of taking others’ lives. I can’t help myself dreaming of watching others dying slowly with a great suffer.

I was born in a very tolerant family, where the human life mattered more than any other thing. I was brought up to live and let others live. Everyone saw me as an obedient follower of this rule, but for some reasons I have never taken it into account. In reality “flower of evil” was growing inside me day by day.

I began to show myself from the very beginning, when I wasn’t even born. Mother learned she was pregnant when she was in her sixth month. For this whole time I was like I wasn’t at all. You might think in what universe that can be connected to my state of mind, but what if I told you I don’t seem what I really am, if you could see me now, you would not perceive me as a real me. I am a person, loved by the whole family, relatives and friends, not a single person can say anything bad about me, as if I were a holy being. But no one could ever see through this shield I’m wearing. And this being of not being during my mother’s pregnancy is the way I’ve expressed myself for the whole time. But you might wonder how I fulfill my desairs. I don’t. I simulate them. I work as a medic and have my own autopsy clinic, where I get dead bodies to investigate. I put on a show. I’m alone with the deads and I make them be my victims. You might laugh what a wrong way I’ve chosen to make my wishes come true. I can’t see them dying, I can’t see them suffering, I can’t get a full satisfaction. And you are probably right. I’m lying to myself, I just imitate, I’ve never killed anyone or anything. I just put on a show.

You might give me a questions, what kind of villain I am. I would anwer: There is a villain inside me, willing to show himself to the outside world.