Imagine living in a place where there were no rules. How would people act,
what jobs would people have, and would people live in peace and harmony?

Zhou Yan Hong


John came to a stage and announced: “Welcome to our city. In our city, you can do whatever you want to, because we have no rules, you are free at any time, please enjoy yourself!” People apploused for the bad speech. They don’t care about what John said, they just care about how to get the more interest.

The shop owner Jane used the worst intergredents to make cakes to sell and put a paper with “The best cake in the world only sell 1000 dollars” on her door.

A rich man bought this cake, just take a little the man throwed away the cake : “ what a trash. Take my money back!”

Jane smile to the man: “I’m sorry, there is no rules for me to back the money I earned”. The man stared at Jane angrily and rushed into her. He robbed Jane is all money to run away and said : “Sorry, there’s no rules for people can’t rob”.

The man was very happy to take so much money. For a moment, he were wondering how much money he can get in this way, he fell down on the stairs. He found his legs were broken and he can’t move. A girl came by, the man asked the girl help him and promised will give an amount of money to her.

The girl said ok, but she said she should have money first. The man gave him money to her. The girl laughed to walk walk away. “You should help me!” The man said,, “You should keep your promise!” The girl smiled: “There’s no rules for no liying!”

The girl took the money to take a visit to her boyfriend. They were both happy. The boy told her the can open a shop with this money and asked the girl gave all the money to him. The girl said yes and after several days she found her boyfriend use these money to play with other girl. The girl got very mad, she took a knife to kill her boyfriend and the other girl. She said was a smile and tears: “There’s no rules for no killing”.

Her boyfriend parents got very sad, and another people like the boy’s parents were very sad. The shop owner was very sad, the rich man was very sad, the girl was very sad, the city was very sad. All of them asked John to rebuild the ruled. They don’t want to free anymore.