What else should students learn in school that isn’t taught? Why is it important
that this is taught?

Fan Wenjing


       Four things should students learn in school that isn’t Taught. First one, it is extremely important for students to learn to read books as much as possible. Last year, I watched TV that portrayed a teacher assigns her students to read a book of literature, she tells him to think of it as a long text-message. It reminds me of the significance of reading literary books while we are spending much more time on reading text-message than literature works. So personally speaking, learn why students read books should taught in school comes first. Since literature works not only broaden our horizon but also enrich our mind, it is imperative for us to read books. To be more specific, classic works are a eye-opeaner, from which we can acquire a sound knowledge of historical events and cultural traditions. In addition, the morals and views of life revealed in great works provide intellectual nourishment and contribute to our growth and wisdom. To be honest, whenever I run into difficulties, I will reflect on the book I have read, Imagining what heroes and heroines would do if they were in my situation. Normally then I will regain confidence to overcome difficulties. To sum up, read literature regularly is crucial to a more colorful and wiser life.

Second, nowdays, while an increasing number of people re busy learning foreign languages, the attention to the study of Chinese is on the decline. Should such a trend continue it would definitely lead an undesirable result in the long run. So the schools should teach students to study Chinese well. The reasons of our ignorance of the study of Chinese is obvious. Firstly, globalization plays a major role in the prevalence of the nowdays internationally used language- English, distracting us from studying our own tongue. Among college students, the influence of western lifestyle is especially strong – the young are either not interested or have no time to care for our culture, let alone our language. Secondly, the schools are no attaching any importance to the study of Chinese. And the lesson hours are far fewer than those of English, and English even have crowded into the teaching syllabus of primary school, occupying the time that students should otherwise spend studying Chinese. In order to change the situation, efforts from governments and schools should be made. It is essential to set more Chinese lessons, and even more importantly, the student’s awareness of the study of our language should be raised. After all, the promotion of our own tongue is key to the prosperity of our nation’s culture.

Third, the teachers are supposed to cultivate student’s ability of doing small things. In a caricature, a son is expressing his concern about disposing nuclear waste to his father while his father asks him to empty the dustbin first. This though illustrates to us the significance of doing small things before undertaking something and reminds us of an old Chinese saying “sweeping your own house before conquering the world”. In the first place, through doing small things, we accumulate valuable and essential practical skills which help us to get better prepared for any upcoming big matters. In the second place, doing trivial matter help us develop the desirable qualities, such as patience and perseverance, with which we won’t give up easily when confronted with real difficulties. Admittedly, it is reasonable for us to aim high, but before we are to undertake something big, we should try hard to fullfill simple task as empty the dustbin.

Four, with rapid development of economy and culture, internet has become an import part in our daily life. At the same time, internet have used into the education. So students should learn how to use internet and technology effectively and correctly. Online shopping has become a fashion trend. Due to its convenience, more and more young people choose online shopping – some even have got accustomed to it. There is no doubt that online shopping make the life more convenient and easier. Online shopping enables us accquire both goods and service at doorstep. Online store provide wide range of products. Goods ranging from fruit to steak, from a book to an intensive training program, from a flim ticket to a pakage tour all can be purchased without leaving home. We just click a button and we can get the things, which avoids all the trafic jams and parking inconvenience and queuing time. Nevertheless, while making out life more easier, online shopping may bring us problems as well. First, we just see the pictures on the internet. The products we buy might not suit our needs, they may be of poor quality and fake products. So it need us to consume rather than save our time, energy and money to change them. Second, some online stores need us to pay the money first and send the things later. It’s dangerous because we don’t’ know whether they can be trusted or not. More importantly, our personal information might be stolen. To sum up, there are both advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. While enjoying the convenience, we should be more careful.

So this is my essay. Thanks for you reading my passage in such a nice weather. Have a nice day, my dear. :)