What else should students learn in school that isn’t taught? Why is it important
that this is taught?

Rith Neardey


Students should Learn more about: How to contect with people who lives around, sharing or giving, learn to understand about their important Life, invent new thing.

The first about How to contect with people : Everyday students always busy with thier studying, or sometimes students play the most about social network Like facebook, youtube, internet or game. They losted the communicate with their friends, family…. They sometime don’t interest, about what happened around them, They don’t care about everything. That is why make them alone. it is difficult. I think that. Because, If one day he met some problems, who will help them? If the Last time, he just staying alone and do something only for themself. So I think this point is very importance for student about contacting. Student should do with thier best to contact, even though 2 minutes to talk with them. It will make them happy and easy to do something. So student should spend the times to learn about this.

– Second: student should learn about sharing or giving because nowday people think much about themself. They don’t care about who live around. There is a little bit of people share or give what they have to another. We want students Learn about sharing or giving to another, open thier mind to see who are poor or difficult in studying, they just help them by give what they hepl to who don’t help, explain about what they know to who don’t know, our country will better. So, students should Learn and take this to practice in their Living everyday. So it is importants for students.

– Third: student should learn more about life, because some of students don’t interest about this, they just study and study, but they don’t know in the future, what they want to do? So student should learn about, How to make the plan for thier life, after they made it, they should look to themself, what they can do, and what can’t they do. If they can, they should make it well, if they can’t, they should try to learn again and and until they can do it best. One more thing, they should look what they done, that is it well or not enough to well. I think that’s important if they understand about their importance Life well, He will get successfull in the life, and our country will have more human source.

– The last one is: Students should learn more about invent new thing, because I saw that, They careless about what they use They just use it, and if it’s broken, they’ll buy new. Another country, the students can make something interested and new, Like a child can make the new programe on computer. It’s well. But mass of students don’t care about this. So if they learn more about how to invent new thing, their brain will be work and they’ll find about new thing to do it, and our country will develop and will have a lot of people that have knowledge and can practice that for needing everyday.

I think this four points is important for students, If they can get all of this, students will be update their studying and they can get many kind of subject both about subjects in school and morality. Our country will be great to have many human resource.