Write about a normal day in the year 4000.

Ana Varshanidze

– Ana, Ana! Wake up, look outside. Fays brought us purple rain. Time to make a wish.

  • Ok, John. Let me put my wings…

By the way I was thinking about Galaktioni, who wanted to see purple snow. I think I can find him in the river of the years.

Oh my god. The river is purple too. I saw Gala above the river. He was still crying that he killed himself and couldn’t stay in our galaxy, but I think he is better now. He leads literature club for died angels.

It’s 4,000 year now… we wanted to be a birds – we fly, but miss the time when we were humans. We can’t die anymore, ‘cause we have blue trees and we can’t stop to breathe. Metaphores are real now. We can touch them…

  • Too much literature, Ann. You have not made a wish yet. Loot at the sky, isn’t it your dream to be in purple rain?
  • Uhm… yes, I think it will grow violets on my skin. And everything will be OK…


Fays died.