Write about a normal day in the year 4000.

Lui Zhi Meng


Today is the last day.

I’m awake from the same dream again and realized that today isn’t June 20th 2018. It’s June 20th 4000. Actually, it’s the No. 724430 June 20th 2018. 1982 years ago, scientists invented a kind of technology can make time stop. They chose that day to stop time and people can be alive forever.

That day is my birthday. In other words, I have been kept in my 18th birthday forever.

Because of living forever the school is not necessary, and the food are unuseless, so humans can spend their time in every way. I’m not busy to go to school or go to another place. I have my breakfast slowly till it’s 10:00 am. Time is no end, we can do everything we want to do in any time. Something is put off to 100 years later or even 1000 years later. In the past 1982 years, I was excited about the next new day at the beginning; I was bored to do anything so I sleep all day; and at last, I use my knife to decide what I should do today. In the “No 1236” year, I draw a big picture including everything I love doing. Every morning, I throw my knife to the paper and chase the thing that my knife hit as “my new plan for today”.

“Hang out with my family or friends”. Maybe it’s a wonderful day. But I have no family or friends alive – They were killed by themselves one by one in the last 1982 years. The world forever made them in silence and sadness, because the everything is the same except yourself- the dream, the accident, even the birds voice. You can do different things everyday but the world is the same. So, they die and all hope me to be alive happily.

I get out of my home with my umbrella. Before 1982 years, today is rainy during 13:42 to 15:28 It’s exactly. If something take place in the same time everyday in 1982 years, everyone will remember it.

The food is alway the best time to enjoy and I choose the lemon icecream as my lunch. Everything is free, you can have all things you want. It’s like a daydream however it’s true.

I hang out with no idea, no aim, go to park go to see half of movie and sit by the café to see the passing car and people.

The night. I’m back, go to bed at very early time. Although our dream everyday is the same I can forget it when I’m sleepy. Not memories. The all memories is the same in my brain. Compared the two, I’d rather dream my dream than make some same memories. I know after 8 hours sleep, I’ll be awake with the same dream.

I make a decision. Like my family and friends, Tomorrow will be the last day. I’ll make the long story to the end.