You witness a boy asking a girl out on a date. It’s awkward. Narrate it as if it is a
nature documentary.

Khorn Sokhom


When a boy meet a beautiful girl. He always want to Live with her in many reasons. He always makes what to interesting her. He want to show to all people that he can do everything without helping from people. He makes hisself as a gentle man. He always meets or see girls. He meets the a girl in many places.

On the other hand, He tryies to speak with smile to girl. A boy spends to go out with a girl Like a couple. He bought something to her Like rings, presents, clothes etc. Sometime he takes a girl to a secret places. For Valentine day her bring a girl to give a gift or a rose and bring her to stay in other places. However a girl always go to see him without think. They always do something make them happy. Like go to the beach. They swim together so they think that no one happier than this. However people saw no good to do that. When they see each other they always happy this is a real Love. They always try to Learn each other.

When their familys know their whole stories. Their familys want them to stop. Their familys don’t want to see a boy and a girl to do like this. A boy’s parents don’t want because his family is very poor. Especially his mother gets a sick. So he must works hard to find the money to support his family without helping from another people because his dad was died and he was only a child in this family. The family of a girl is a richest family in the commune. Her family want her a bright future by married with a boy is have a good family and has a lot of education. But a boy that her parents want her to get married is a drunk person and Lazy also. He alway hits to some people. She thinks that “If I get married with him I will die”. However her parents still force her to get married so she decides kill herself. So a boy that her boyfriend hears she was died he decided to kill himself too.

This is a real of adult in this time. If they want to stay with each other, they will get. However some people or some boys and girls decide to get married by their familys decide also.