Imagine you are someone’s shadow for one day. Whose shadow would you be
and why? What would you do?

Misha Sultauevi

I have never known that it was possible to be someones shadow. Yesterday I had guest. I think he was big magician, so he told me that I could be, thanks him so much. I was thinking a lot and at least I know whose shadow I want to be. You know what. I was thinking to be someone famous persons shadow, or successful or rich, meaning the people who travels a lot and know many things about the whole world but no. If I choose one of them it means mustn’t do anything. Just be shadow, so I decide to be shadow of myself. Why? Someone can ask because I want to follow my shadow and my shadow follow me. I realize that my shadow is my way, so if I want my shadow to be in a realy good places, or location or situation it makes me to be either rich or successful or strong or determind, whatever. I think there is nothing more great feeling than your shadow belongs to yourself looking at your shadow in dirty and mud you are looking at yorself and opposite looking at in clear and beautiful place you look at yourself in the same situation so way others shadow, why not me? Why not my shadow, which follows your every step and tells where, why and how are you in curent situation, and how can you change yourself so your shadow.