Imagine you are someone’s shadow for one day. Whose shadow would you be
and why? What would you do?



I’d like to be Steven Hawking’s shadow for one day.

Steven Hawking, the great physicist, passed away two days ago. His death reminded me of God. Hawking talked a lot about the spirit of God in his famous book ‘A Brief History of Time’.

I always think about God, even though I’m not religious (which means I do not believe in any religion). In fact, I’d rather believe in God than the theory of evolution, which leads to no purpose, no meaning, and no reason. I refuse to accept that everything on this planet is nothing more than a series of random biochemical circumstances. I need a purpose for all. But I’m not sure if God really exists.

Hawking must know a lot about God. Actually he believed that we shall must understand the spirit of God, one day. If I were Hawking’s shadow for one day, his thinking and movement would be mapped on me, and I would follow him at every time stop. Therefore I would be mathematically equivalent to him, only that I were just two dimensional. But I guess, roughly I would be able to share my mind with him. Then I would ask him, in his shadow’s way (which might be a little mysterious, but… just think about the moorse code): are there any purpose for the creation of everything? Hawking might blink his eye for a while, which would be encoded the computer and displayed on the monitor: God must exist, as long as there’s any purpose for all, even though I cannot prove it scientifically.