Imagine living in a place where there were no rules. How would people act,
what jobs would people have, and would people live in peace and harmony?

Ron Kanhachhaly


            If we live in society with no rule, for my idea I think It is so difficult to live because the people can do every thing it’s up to them. example 1: In the family, they have children, so the children must go to school when they are 6 years old, but If the family do not take them to school they can not study and will be come ignorant. Example 2: In the society now country have rule but have a lot of stealing. If society has no rule it have alot of stealing, political corruption and a lot of something bad.

About work, make a business by your ownself. Maybe some people do a bad business Like sell drugs, marijuana, firearm, bomb and they can do anything that they want to do. some people do a good business they are a teacher, doctor or work at bank.

So If the society has no rule, I think no peace and no harmony.