Imagine you are someone’s shadow for one day. Whose shadow would you be
and why? What would you do?

Than Bunthoeun


If I could be someone’s shadow for one day, I would be my mother’s shadow because she is the best woman I’ve ever known since I was born. I am a man but I am the one who really wants to know more about the girls or women’s lives situation.

As my mother’s shadow first I would observe how she feels about her children (sons and daughters) since they were born, during their childhood and now as adults. Is she proud of their upbringing? Second, I want to see how her feeling about her sons and daughters are different? Then I want to observe their parenting skill. For this point, I can know about their parenting skill especially about my mother as she is a woman and I can also use these to compare with other families to know what are good to follow and practice. Next, I want to know how does she handle disappointment from her sons and daughters? After that, I want to know more about how does she solve problems when she must choose between pleasing her husband or her children? Also how does she manage pleasing her husband, parents and parents’-in-law? Thirth, I want to understand how does she feel when her husband wants to sleep with her but she has just had a baby or is having her period. Fourth, I want to observe how hard does my mother work? Does she wish someone would help her when she feels exhausted or when she has financial problems? Finally, I want to know what were her dreams as a child? Did they come true?

In conclusion, I am happy to chose to be my mother’s shadow even though the time is too short (One day) because I think it is important for men to understand about women’s lives and feelings.