You find yourself locked inside an old abandoned building. How did you get
there? How do you get out?

Luka Gogmachadze


Darkness. It has followed me since the war began. The feeling that something’s not right. You can feel it coming through the bones, entering your soul, trying to make nest in there. You try to fight it, but only lucky ones escape it. I think I was the lucky one, but still I know, I’m sure that it’s somewhere close, waiting for me.

Novemeber 22, 2035.

Our group got ambushed. Gunfires, smoke, smell of blood around. Temperature is unusually high, 22°C. Fighting for my life, trying to escape death. Our Corporal is wounded. Then, in a second a grenade comes in, Boom! Sound of explosion and the smoke is blinding me, making me deaf. Luka! Luka! We need to go! – I heard the sound of my brother. I followed him. It’s doesn’t matter now. I’m tired. I don’t care what happens from now on. I hate fearing death every day. If the time came, then I’m ready. But the sound says in my head: “Not now! Not yet!”.

Running trough the jungles and gunfire. I didn’t remember too much. I noticed blood coming from my shoulder and suddenly bang in the head. Something hit me hard. And again, darkness…

When I opened my eyes everything was blurry at first. It took me around two minutes to realize that I was in an old abandoned half destroyed house, no apartment, I guess.

I heard my brother screaming, Luka! Luka! I tried to stand up and follow the voice, but realizing I was tied up on the chair there was no chance of me doing that. (At least I thought so, at first). My shoulder was bleeding. But there was no time to worry about it. I tried to untie but no result at first… Then (after 10 minutes, I think) my brother came in, no, was carried in, beaten, half-dead.

I never worried about myself. Sure I did fear to die, but that fear was only fear of losing him, leaving him alone in this cruel world and seeing him like that made me feel angry, mad. I was ready for revenge. At least my soul, not my body yet.


An old man, with his white beard and ugly face was talking to him in Russian, I guess. But my brother was shaking head. I thinking he was telling him: No! That man got angry and hit my brother couple of times. – Скажи мне коды! (Tell me the codes). Negative action from him again. Then, he came to me and put the gun onto my head. My heart started beating very fast. The moment to leave darkness, the moment oh which I feared has come – скажи мне коды, или я пристреляю его!

(Tell me the codes or I will shoot him). I didn’t know what codes he was talking about. I never asked my brother about his old job, what he was doing secretly. I guess the codes and his job was connected.

My brother was very scared. I could tell it from his eyes. His eyes would always show me what he was feeling. We never lied to each other… We truly were brothers, till the end.

My shoulder, the bleeding was serious. I was trying not to cry from the pain. The gun at my head must have been the end. At least until my brother ran to this old man and hit the knife on his back.

The old man quickly turned around, crying from pan and shot my brother. He fell down. That ugly guy started laughing. I was shocked. I couldn’t move. The only thought I had, was: Please, don’t die!

Till I was drowning in my thoughts (trying to realise what happened) he came close to him, pointed to gun to his head and while he was planning to pull the trigger, a huge blast throwed me off at the edge. Once again, I went to darkness.

When I woke up, I was in hospital, next to me there was a doctor who said I would be ok. I didn’t care about my condition, because momentaraly I remembered all that happened. I asked for my brother, but I knew the answer… It was painful to think about but I couldn’t change the truth.

Since then, darkness hasn’t visited me, nor the fear. Since then it was close to me, but not enough to reach me. I fought it, and I was the lucky one. I have never seen him again…