You wake up and discover that you are the ruler of a planet. Describe a day in
your life.

Karla Valverde

“Pum Pum!” – Wake up. Princess Karla – says mom.

-” Princess Karla?” Ok. I wake up, it’s a normal day and I go to open the windows and…Oh no! Everybody are saying Princess Karla! Princess Karla! “Ok This is not a normal day, it’s a crazy day.

I go to the living room and There are dogs talking and say

-”Hello Princess Karla, Do you want the breakfast.”

“I can’t cook, Why not? Ok Mr dog I want the breakfast.”

They ran to make me the breakfast. Suddenly a cat come and say. – Princess Karla, We need your help.

“Ok It’s a cat” – The plants have life and They don’t like your planet.

– Ok, Ms Cat. I leave and look plants “They hate my animals.” Then a plant for be exact a Rose says – This will be our planet and I need that you and your animals will go to other planet.

-”No” I say. -”This is my planet Ms Rose and I am going to salve my planet because it’s my family and If you aren’t happy you will need that you and your plants will go to the garden where you leave.

The plants only smell and Poof! Where do the plants go?

“Brinngg! The play time is over everybody go to class”

-”Ok, this dream was crazy and funny but I need don’t watch more tv”