You wake up and discover that you are the ruler of a planet. Describe a day in
your life.

Sor Kanika


I am a poor person that lived in a forest. I am the first child in my family. I am an unlucky person because I was born without my father. My mother is a seller and my only one brother can’t do everything because her brain isn’t like other people. My mother always go outside to sell fruits everyday and my mom also bring my brother to go with as usual. I am the only one person who live in the house. I like visiting this forest in my freetime. At the time, I see a strange person. She is very old. When she see me she start to call me. She said she have a bad accident that make her leg broke. I also help her and she said, she will not foget this good memory. At night, I feel strange with my body so, I decide to sleep early. I wake up at 3 o’clock every morning but when I look at the mirror to comb my hair, I see an angerl. I don’t believe. I think it just my dream. Then the sun start to shine and It’s bring me to a different planet. I am shok that I can be a beautiful angel and can come to visit this planet. After that I see alot of angel with the beautiful light. They said to me, you are the new ruler of us that our old ruler bring you to manage us. They give me a magical thing and I can manage them with this thing. I want to do everything there but they don’t want me to do. Day by day, we start to be close together. One day, They remind me about my family. I start to miss my mom and my brother that live without me. I make alot of good fruits everyday to store in my house. I use a magical thing to make clothes, toys and other thing to bring for my family. Finally, I come back home. My mother is very happy and she about to cry. They see alot of thing. They also happy again. Everyone thank to the angels. I said to them, I will not forget this good memory. This word make me know clealy that she help me to be a ruler of a planet. I describe everything to my mother. From that time, I and my family live together with happiness and have everything.