You’re on a hike in the forest when the trees start talking to you! What do they
say and what do you do?

Sath Solinda


I am on a hike in the forest. when the trees start talking to me! The trees said “Hello! girl. What do you come and go?” and I said “Hello! trees. I come to my village 6 and I want to go to another village. The trees said “Oh! When you start travels to another village?” I said “I start on last week.” The trees said “Wow! good. It’s difficult for you or easy?” I said “It’s difficult for me but I think I can do!” The tree continue ask “Do you hungry now girl?” I answer to him “I hungry a little bit!” The trees said “You can eat fruit on my tree” I said “Thank you the tree. I never forget you” The tree said “Okay! girl” I said “You’re kind the tree!” The tree ask again “It’s night again Where do you sleep?” I answer “Yes, I don’t know to sleep anywhere!” The tree said “Do you can climb the trees?” I answer “Yes, I can” The tree said “you can climb on my tree and sleep on my branch okay?” I answer “Okay! thank you again”. Then I climb on the branch to sleep! I will sleep on branch. I will happy. I can watch the moon, the stars and sleep on easy! In the morning I get up late. and the tree said “ wake! Wake the girl morning again! I said “Okay! the trees I get up. the tree said “Hurry! Hurry you go to shower and have breakfast okay?” I said “Yes, I go to shower now” and then I have breakfast with the fruit and drink water” I say goodbye to the tree. I travels continue.