You are a kid’s imaginary friend, but you find yourself slowly fading away as they
grow older.

Nino Makharashvili

I remember her. She was an ordinary kid with long brown curly hair, red lips and big brown kind eyes. That what she looked like, but inside she was soft and her imagination was so deep. I think that was the main reason why she found me. It was 1998 when she first met me. She was 5 years old, but her thoughts were so older than her age. First she was scared, she couldn’t understood what was happening when someone was answering her questions in her mind (I can’t stop laughing even now). I understood that, cause being kid’s imaginary friend isn’t easy, but our friendship was getting bigger and bigger everyday. When she was little we were playing games, but hide and seek was always our favourite one. Nobody knew about us and she never said anyone about me.

In her teenage years we stopped playing games and started thinking like adults. because life gave her bigger problems than it could but I always believed that she was strong enough to solve them and someone was always by her side. I was locked in her mind, she always knew that I couldn’t show myself but she never stopped asking it.

years were passing and she was getting older. She became strong and independence women but she was always as kind as she was little.

But one day everything changed. She became old enough to forget me. I was slowly fading away as she was growing older. I was trying hard but I couldn’t hold her memories. I was the one who was with her in her final living moments. Her heart was beating so hard and she was fighting to live but suddenly I disappeared. Now I’m waiting for a new friend to find me. And if you are reading this now, try harder to believe in me and I will show you the way to come.

I remember that girl with long brown curly hair. I remember her and if there is life after death maybe I could meet her again. What if the light at the end of the tunnel is the light to another hospital room? What if I could find her again? Think about it for a second.