You wake up in prison, but you don’t belong there. How do you escape?

Luis Leonardo Barriga

I don’t remember how I got here, but I don’t want to stay in a prison forever, also I clearly don’t belong here.


It was a sunny day. I remembered that I was walking to my house, but suddenly the sky turned orange. I woke up. I was sleeping on the ground, the world was devastated – nothing was the same as before. And then many weeks later, I was running from some strange creatures…


I looked through every single part of this prison. This place is horrible because they are some lunatics who had turned into zombies, and other people in this place are dead…or maybe they turn into the strange creatures that chased me. I planned my escape many times in my mind, however the resources that I need to escape, I cannot get them anywhere in this prison. I make some friends here, they are not crazy, fortunately, but I have to pay attention to any kind of action that they are doing. One day, I tell them the plan to escape – they get it. So we start looking for the resources that we need. After 2 days of looking – we finally get everything that we need. We are prepared!

So we begin to pack our backpacks to leave place forever. We are 5 people for this mission (me, Rina, Camila, Jorge, and Thomas). While we are escaping, Jorge has to watch our backs, but some of the lunatics catch us! It is too clear, someone had betrayed us!

We realize that Jorge betrayed us, he is crazy enough to that – so they put us in a jail cell with no opportunity to escape. They said: “We will eat you”. We don’t want to get eaten so we make a plan.


I remembered that a spaceship saved me from these creatures, but they didn’t quite save me. They wanted to experiment with me, and put me somewhere else in the universe. Luckily, I escaped from it, and I fell from the sky to the sea. The last thing I remember was sinking, with no hope to continue to live.


We are going to escape! I thought that I knew all of this place, but I didn’t. At the end of this new part, there is a container, it contains a person in it. We couldn’t leave her there, we have to save her because I know her…she was Emily, my old friend.

When we save her, she doesn’t remember me, but that wasn’t the pint, we need to escape – we found some lunatics while we were escaping. We defeated all of them, some of them had the way to escape from this stupid prison. We fight all of them, and we found the key, but Jorge wasn’t with us. When we were in the door to go out from the prison, there was Jorge with a very advanced weapon.

Jorge (crying): You won’t escape from this prison, we must stay.

Luis: What are talking about? We don’t wanna stay here.

Jorge (crying): No, you don’t! You don’t know what is out there. It’s better to stay here forever.

Rina: Jorge, just calm down. We can help you.

Jorge: Shut up!

Luis: Slow down, buddy.

Jorge: You can stay here or I will shoot you.

Emily: You don’t know how that weapon works. Just it down. Let’s talk.

Jorge: No. I will shoot you right now.

I try to stop him, but I could see three flashlights coming to us. When I open my eyes, I was next to Emily. That weapon must have been a dimensional weapon that sent us to different parts of the world, or maybe the universe. We had escaped from the prison – thanks to Jorge, nevertheless – we have to find our friends.


To be continued…