You wake up in prison, but you don’t belong there. How do you escape?

Oeng Meily


I’m a last year of highschool student, so I have to study hard to make sure that I’m gonna pass highschool examination with good grade. Every single night I love to do home_work and exercises like math, physics, chemistry and biology, but I would rather to do the research than doing exercises.

One day my geography and history teacher gave me a lot of homework and It’s all about the prisons. The first question said “Where is the biggest and oldest prison in the world?” The another question ask “How many prisons in Cambodia?” and there is a lot more questions. I keep researching untill the mid_night. I didn’t realize that it’s 3 A.M in the mornig, so it’s mean that I was researching for five hours already but I just finished only 50 percent of it. I decided to go to sleep because I know that I will not finish it even I do it untill the mornig. I fall asleep really fast because I’m so tired and sleepy. While I was sleeping I heard a very loud noise and I open my eyes to see what is the noise from. When I opened my eyes I’m really shock because I was sleeping in a very dirty room and a lot of spider net on the wall and on the bed too. I realize that I’m in a prison. I really scare of the crazy prisoner. I’m about to cry because I really scare but I try to calm myself down and think how to get out of the prison. Luckily a police with a huge package of keys in his pocket walking in and push a new prisoner into the room, which is next to my room, after he pushed the prisoner into the room he dropped his package of key in my room I run to take that keys quietly without anyone see. I try to find my room key, but there a hundred of the key, It take my an hour to find my key. Finally, I found it and I unlock the door while other prisoner are sleeping. I run to the exist door, but unfortunately there a few polices are sleeping in front of the exist door. I shouted at them: “There a few prisoner are fighting at the last room”. They wake up and run toward to the last room. It’s quite for far from the exist door so I can get out of there easily. The alarmclock start ringing and my mom start yelling at me “kid! You’re late for school. I wake up very quick and I realize that what happened to me was a dream, I dreamed a bad dream because I was researching too much about the prison. I am late at school and I did not finish my homework yet so my teacher punish me. My teacher’s punishment is to research more about the prisons in other country and I’m afraid that I will dream a horrible dream like I did yesterday.