Invent a new season and how it affects the world.

Nini Dekanoidze

Watch with glittering eyes, because I’m about to tell you a story, as pure as gold and as incredible as old fairy tales, which can inside out your golden eyed mind. Everything started 5 years ago. In our solar system, sun went out of its energy, collapsed and turned into a massive Black Hole. It swallowed our whole planets’ system. Humanity thought it was the end. During hours we could only hear massive voice of falling. Darkness fell across the lands. It was the worse hell became alive. Suddenly, everything got back to normal, like someone has switched on the light. It seemed nothing’s changed. We opened our eyes and saw each other just like a few hours ago but like a first time. The reality that we could all just disappear, made humans apprehend the power of each other, peace, love and kindness. Countries crossed out the boards, there were no more individual countries. All was earth, all was the same, all was made by HUMANS.

After the event scientist found out, that the lengths of our orbit was longer, now it neded 387 days for whole circle, which meant, that after summer and befor Autumn there should be a new season. But what? How could it affected on us? After August we were about to find out. On this new galaxy each season lasts for 77 days. From the first day of this new season everything, literally everything, was surprising. We all knew it would affect on us but never thought it would did it in this way. My brother and I walked in street and in the gardens giant snails, as big as dogs, were playing sonates. They were orchestra! Dogs were talking about political issues humans needed to solve. On T.V. faries had arguments about media influences, magical wizards appeared in a form of bees and their bit was changing genders of humans. During this season flowers can walk, cats have weddings, bears are building new architectures, zebras are dancing, leopards are playing metallic and rock. Kangaroos are making films about human discoveries. In a market you can see how tiny mosquito gives a dollar to a seller for a candy! Lions are making shampoo advertisements with their perfect hair. And Bulls! Their rugby playing is the sport nobody misses. girraffes make the best fashion weeks we have ever seen. No model can competite their legs! Snakes do ballet, but only problem is that ballet shoes don’t fit on them. Rhinos have best musical festivals during middle of this season. If you decide to have parties, on this season horses are the best organisers. Did I mention Dragons? We don’t need cars anymore. Those creatures appear and help us move or fly anywhere on the planet. Mermaids have best T.V. underwater shows. During this season literally anyone can be anything! Rats can participate in a car races, rabbits can plant as many carrots as they wish and be farmers. Octopuses are our genious scientists. They invented cure for cancer, diabet and allergies.

Elephants are greatest swimmers. They became ones who crossed Black Sea! Giselles are able to ski from Everest! Whales can come on ground and drink as much beer as they wish! Sometimes you can see drunk, sleeping whale fell on the whole street. During these 77 days our planet becomes really equal. There is no human or animal, or prey, hunter. We become the same! We protect each other, we talk to each other, we love each other. During this time wind ad the air is full of love smell, and kindness and peace fulls our hearts! We call this season “Supdation” – super gradation. Science found out that sun radiation during this time changes animals’ genes and allows them to do anything without limits. As I’ve mentioned now we have 5 seasons, each with 77 day, which is 385 days, but Earth now needs 387 days. Where are those 2 days? After Supdation, Autumn comes and these two day are between them, during these days everyone cares about the planet. We clean rubbishes, help plants and make pure oxygen with photosynthesis. When Autumn comes animals and plants silence. but they just imagine and think about new ideas for the greatest season in the galaxies. This season makes earth really mother of loving creatures. No more different species. We are all one.