Invent a new season and how it affects the world.

Roger Zapata

The sun started to disappear as the warm night came. I rushed to the airport to get a flight to Spain, I felt safe, I was going to see my family again and there’s no other feeling better than love, but not the love we watch on movies and TV, but the true love, the one that makes your heart beat faster and your soul feel comfortable, the feeling you get when you go home from a terrible day, and you feel that home is where your heart belongs.

That’s what I felt on that glorious day, but before this happened, things were out of control. We were living in a nightmare. It all started 2 years ago, my name’s Desmond and this is the story of the world’s separation.

Back in 2016 I lived in Spain with my family, my mother, Alissa was a very strong woman, she taught me a lot of life lessons, she used to say “Everything is possible for those who believe.” Whenever I was about to give up, she was there to give me support and advice. There’s also my father, Christian, he taught me the real value of life and to enjoy every little moment with the people who I loved. My brother Jeremy was a very talkative boy, an actual dreamer, He had a lot of goals and dreams he wanted to accomplish. We used to live in a small house in Seville. Everything was normal and not extraordinary. We used to do the same things every day, but we had a happy life.

It was until one day I had to go to the United States that my life changed completly. Climate change was an issue that had everybody worried, but we actually didn’t pay attention to it. I used to watch the news and hear all the things that were happening in the world, but I wasn’t aware of the real danger. I didn’t know what was going to happen.

When December came I had to go to the US. I was an exchange student, Washington DC was the destination. I felt really happy at the moment we went to the airport but I felt terrible when I had to say goodbye to my family. As soon I entered the plane I sitted next to a window, but what I saw was not customary, not even believable. The sky was green. I was confused but anyway I put my headphones on and listened to my favorite band all the trip.

When I arrived in Washington I knew that something was not right. I was told to bring a coat and gloves with me, because it was going to be really cold. But when I steped out of the plane, it was so hot that I had to take my coat of. It was not winter anymore.

When I got to the Institute they gave me a room, It was grey and pretty big. I left all of my stuff there and headed to the cafeteria. The tv was on, people were watching the news, I was paralyzed when I heard the weather man saying that apparently the rotation of the earth had become slower and there was a potential “new season” going to be added to the calendar. No way I said when suddenly an earthquake happened, everything started to fall down. I didn’t know what to do. BOOM! I was blinded and fell to the floor.

When I opened my eyes I was in a hospital, the nurse said hi to me in a very friendly way – What happened I asked You were unconscious – she replied. It was at night when this happened, I got up and walked very slowly. I saw through the window, the trees didn’t have any leaf, and they looked very dry. The nurse explained me what had happened, I was hit by the ceiling of the cafeteria, she also told me that a year had happened since that day. I was really confused, where’s my family I asked. Can I see them? – Oh no she said. There’s a new season called “wallpring” during this time nobody can travel anywhere, People are not allow to leave their houses

Apparently “wallpring” was lasting too much, it was one whole year that people have been locked in their houses. Only government tanks were allowed to distribute water and food to the people. The reason why anybody could go outside is because during “wallpring” the days were so hot that the UV rays would burn your skin and the nights were so cold that even all the animals outside died. People had very intelligent systems in their houses to stimulate the appropriate weather but not for too long. We were running out of energy

The day I traveled from Spain to here was the beginning of the weather change, first days were cold and nights hot, the sky was green when earthquakes were going to happen and every person who was exposed to this weather would die instantly.

This was all our fault as humans, we did not take care of the planet, and we abuse the resources it gave us. Luckily wallpring was going to be over soon but not for so long, only 1 year we had to go outside,   After that we had to go inside again. It didn’t matter for me I just wanted to see my family again. The day after that night was normal, but the good normal, now I appreciate these things everybody was celebrating and when night came I headed to the airport. I was going to see my family again 1 year before everything started…again.