Scientists discover that the Earth and other planets are actually giant animals
moving through space and time, and that humans are basically insects living on top of them. How does society change? What would you do?

Yean Leangheak


In all over the world, the humans is very important for our earth in order to Live and humans can develop our earth to become safe improve, development and security, but if our earth have giant animals Live in the earth to gether, so that is the big problem for our earth and especiall, it makes our society to be not safe and unsecurity order to make the world improvement, so there are three causes that effect to our society in the world when humans are basically insects living on top of them.

The first cause focuses on security. In fact, giant animals seem like the people who is bad and have power, but for the basically insects seem Like the humans that have a low power and are more honesty rather than giant animals, so that is the big problem for our as humans and society because all those humans giant animals can destroy our society and gainst with us when we try to fight with them in order to protect our society and our security to make improvement and development

The second cause is about our society Lack of people who don’t have ability and intelligent, surely, in our society have alot bad people and there aren’t alot of people who are brave and intelligent in order to gainst with those bad person (giant animals), so that is the big problem for us to find the solve the problems, so this problem seem like the war that we are basically insects Living on top of them and competit with those animals in order to get the winer and eliminate some bad people in our society.

The last cause focuses on society do not have improvement and development. Giant animals can destroy us a basically insects Living all the time because they think that we are smaller, lower and do not have empower Like them, so they can destroy us and can make us do not have ability to stand up in order to fight with them. Therefore, we should try to eliminate on their badly activity and thinking that we are Lower basically animal and do not have ideas, intelligent, brave to escape from their behave badly to us as insects that don’t have the brave to protect our society and we try to stop their word say we are people who do not have ability and try to find the solution to development our society.

In conclusion, In my opinion, I think that if we are humans insects and have lower than giant animals but we do not wait the giant animals come to destroy and stop our development for our society, but we try to find the solution in order to escape for staying under the bad people who have a strong power than us. Moreover, we are the small insects that have ability to develope and improve our society to become security, safty, have a lot of people who have ability and intelligent without afraid of giant animals like bad people that wait to destroy our society in the world.