Every morning you receive a newspaper that shows the news for the day. You
do not know where this paper comes from, but it tells you all of the good and bad
things that will happen for the next 24 hours. What do you do with this

Tamar Khvitsievi


It’s almost 2 months I’ve been receiving this weird newspapers every day which says everything what’s going to happen this day. For the first time, I got scared. I thought that I was clinically insane because I knew what was going to happen. Now I’m not so scared because it’s been a while, 60 days are a lot. But not every day was special. Some day was just ordinary and newspaper only said: “You’re just going to be at home the whole day and watch TV so don’t worry about anything.” Sometimes it was funny. For example, one day the newspaper said that the red car would kill a little kitty so I decided to be a hero, walked on the street and I really saw the red car coming and the cat on the edge of the street waiting to cross the road. I quickly ran to the cat but it was already gone, jumped on the road and the car crushed me. But it wasn’t serious I only broke my leg.

But this morning I receive it as usual. But it wasn’t usual as other days! I was still sleepy when I picked it and started reading. But I saw a miracle! First time, I thought that it wasn’t real, but then I looked at it again and I rode the same: “You will win a lottery today” and the numbers which would give me a chance to become a MILLIONER! I droped the newspaper without reading the whole text. I drove to the market, bought a lottery ticket, filled it with the numbers which was given by the newspaper and got registered. I completely forgot what I did the whole day. I couldn’t wait for the evening any more. However, the day passed and it was lottery show time. I picked the ticket but I remember that I couldn’t hold it because me whole body was shaking. I knew that I would be winner, but I watched the whole programme. And yes, I was winner, but there was 123 another winners, so I won’t only $27. I got surprised, I couldn’t believe what was happening. Then I quickly found the newspaper and rode it. There was an address on the bottom of it. I drove to this place. It was country side, far away from the town, the hill and over the hill there was a lot of cars and hundreds of people. I left the car and asked a group of people what was going on and what were all they doing. They said that they were receiving the newspaper and the address was in it. They said that they all won $27. I got surprised! As I found out, there was hundred people who were receiving the same newspaper and knew the whole god’s plans, just like me. I thought that I was only one! I feel big shame! But it was so entertaining, I had so much fun! Another morning I didn’t receive it. I felt happy, because it was a big responsibility and I felt that I was free!!!