You are exploring in the woods with a friend when you get lost. You meet a
person who offers to lead you out and you accept. However, before long you get
the feeling you are being led somewhere nobody would want to go.

Kha Sovanny


One day there was two boys are walking in the woods to find any things like fruit, plant and fish… sell in the market to get some money. Their name are Jonh and Mark. but today They can’t find any things and they walk in the woods that it’s far from the village. When they are in the middles of woods, they are very tired and hungry and the sky starts to dark. When Jonh can not walk because he is very tired and seat under the tree. Mark left from Jonh to find some fruits and water for Jonh by he gave Jonh seat under the tree alone. When Mark went to find some fruits and water he is very afraid and he lost the way. Then Mark try to come back to meet Jonh, but he can’t find Jonh and He can not see anythings because the sky is very dark. When he break lost he seat under the tree and think about Jonh, When There was a strang woman hold the lamp and she walked to Mark. The first Mark’s very happy that he met a person but then he starts to think who is she, why she walk in the woods alone. Isn’t she afraid? Is she a person or a ghost? When he is thinking. The woman stood in front of him and asked. What happen with you, why are you in the woods alone? Do you lost? Mark’s body very shake and he answers to her by feel horrify. Yes, I’m lost from my friend, Jonh and I can not find the way to go back home. Don’t worry Mark. The woman said. I will bring you to your house. Please follow me now. Can you find the way? Mark asked. Yes. It’s not difficult to find the way because I lived in this woods along time ago. The woman said. Then Mark follow her to find the way to leave the woods. but Mark try to walk follow that woman a long time but he still can’t find the way. and he feel now he walks into the stang Place. and that Place is very dark and cool. Sunddenly he lost from the woman. He try to find that woman but he thinks. she isn’t a person. maybe she is a ghost. When he hear some things call him when he look at it, he saw the woman sit on the tree and she said now you can’t find the way to leave the woods because I brought you come to the place that nobody can not leave. Mark feel very horrify and he ran away from him. Full of the night he can not leave that woods and he is very tired and he slept under the tree near the river until the morning, when he woke up, he look at everything around him but he didn’t see any, he is very hungry and drank the water in the river and eat some fruits then he feel that he has power in the body and he walked countinue then he saw somethings that splash from the land he look to see when he see it, he is very happy because it is a trey visey, so he can find the way to leave the woods. he came back the old place that Jonh wait him by use the trey visey, a few time ago he met Jonh in the woods and he ran to hug Jonh and he told about everything that happen with him to Jonh listen. When Mark said, I think maybe I can’t meet forever Jonh when I lost in the woods. Jonh said don’t worry now everything is good for us. Now We must go back home. Mark then Mark said let’s go Jonh, we go back home.

Finally Mark found Jonh and bring him to leave the woods to go back home, and They hope that no this story happen again with them.