You wake up in prison, but you don’t belong there. How do you escape?

Yusuph Kisoma

After wake up in prison. I will cries by using high voice and to rough by joking in order to call the police. After many police come I will tell them untrue things I will say all please listen carefull I’m the one who knows many things in this country. I think all you know about world bank there are some thief in 1978 they were take many money. That money were keeped in our area in pazuri foresty but there are many people want to inter. But that forestry are blessed. Many people in our country die because of want to take that money. But my grandfather before die he were tell me about that forestry being after growth I suppose to save my country he was say you’re the alone who able to inter in that forestry but he were gave me a small bottle and say after complete your studies you may go in that forestry but remember the small bottle without it you can’t and before go there you may reach in police station but now I think this is good time to go in that forestry after all police agree me by that statement I was go in my room and find any of bottle of water and round with piece of paper and and tell all police lase go after reach in pazuri. I will tell all keep busy remove your shoes after that I will tell they listen carefull your suppose to wait here if you want to inter you have to own the contener of blood by using high voice after all contener of money opened I will call you ok! I will go down and play of God by checking the police and say Amen, Amen and start to inter slowly after reach in central I will run by speed toward the river and run until near Village after that. I will over to escape that situation, but I will escape by cheating and to says the untrue world but also the police they believe being I die in the forest but not true it were the way of escape to live in village. But nowday I will be free to live no one find me they were know being I’m die in pazuri forestry.