Every morning you receive a newspaper that shows the news for the day. You
do not know where this paper comes from, but it tells you all of the good and bad things that will happen for the next 24 hours. What do you do with this

Emmanuely Uhghwa

About me to tell the information and not cames from whom cames. Me is comes from industries of newspaper and ask the news to take whom and me is ask what shows the information. Whom to take the newspaper and me write your name of the people to tell the newspaper.

Me is going at the place where live people and ask why read the newspaper and not understand the place of do not know where this paper came from you and me studying people don’t take the newspaper which do not came.

And me is not take the newspaper me is say that is wizard and me is not believes. Why can me say be not believes because me is not understanding whom newspaper is do not came and to me read paper with no me do not came and other society is no do not understanding the newspaper.

In my me will be came from newspaper and louding the Television, Radio, newspaper and not people is not take the newspaper. And other person is became to the society and say do not understanding of the newspaper.

Me is say thank you teacher for your competition and newspaper for your home and believe for you society.

In the society many people are read any news and why not take what, who, whom, where. You is read me is student I say that when were and news and laundry in a contry. In my me aim newspaper and ask you people in the society.