You witness a boy asking a girl out on a date. It’s awkward. Narrate it as if it is a
nature documentary.

Sonja Cenaj

The male homosapien presneted on the screen is on his sixteenth year of his life, he looks fully grown up and scanning the territoy of his school for potential female homosapiens to pass time with. He is rather shy and not good with his social skills but is determined to try, being also, inspired by his class makes around him. Our sixteen years old homosapies goes by the name Andrew. He attends the second year of high school and has laid eyes on an interesting female homosapiens that goes by the name Laura. After having watched her for a while now, Andrew picks the time between English and Biolodgy to finally ask her out on a date. He sees Laura stadning by her locker, completly unaware to Andrew’s presence. He chosen this exact moment to aproach her, but unforunately for him he trips over his own feet and lays face first on the floor. We are rewatching the scean as he trips one more time over his own feet. It is unbelievable how clumsy this homosapien can be under pression. Under such conditions he can be potinial risk to himself and others around him. This movement graps Laura’s attention who turns around suddenly, started at the noise and looks at Andrew on the floor. She hurries to help him get back up while asking him if he’s ok. Andrew just shakes his head, saying he’s fine and that he wanted to talk to Laura about something. Laura nods her head, moving a strand of hair behind her ear, looking at Andrew. This time Andrew blushes furiously wiping his clumy hands over his jeans as he thinks of the right things to say.

“So…” he starts and take one deep breath. “So?” Laura continues. Noticing that Andrew is taking too long to finish his sentence. “So…” he starts taking one deep breath. “So?” Laura contines. Noticing that Andrew is taking too long to finish his sentence.

“So, I’ve see you around and ….” He takes another deep breath as his left hand moves to grab his right elbow. In this exact moment his brain decides that it is the perfect time to forget every part of vocabulary Andrew has ever learned in his life. We witness as his ego lethalky fights his subconsciousness and Andress holds the same facial expression of someone who brain has switched into autopilot.

For his sake, it is Laura that decided to continue the conversation

“So, you’ve seen me around. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” She asks

Softly, her words followed by a smile. This seems to snap Andrew out of his trance.

“G-Good thing. Absolutely fantastic.” Andrew blurts out learning slightly forwards.

“Ok…?” Lauro retorts, laughing a little. We see as Andrew’s awkwardness is making Laura feel uncomfortable.

“So, Laura… I was thinking…” Andrew pauses again and this time it is Laura who takes a deep breath. The bell is about to ring. Time seems to stretch infinitely as Andrew simply keeps staring at Laura hopelessly.

“For the love of God, Andrew! Yes, I would like to go on a date with you.”

Laura huffs finally, causing both her and Andrew to finally let aside their awkwardness. Andrew looks at her unbelievable and ask:

“You would? We witness once more as Andrew’s social skills fail him any way imaginable.

“If that’s what you were trying so long to ask me. Yes, I’d like to spend time with you Andrew” she says smiling at him.

The bell finally rings. Inditing they are both late for their next class.

“Awesome” is all Andrew can say and Laura only nods before he turns her back on her and continues walking hurriedly, only to trip one more time and fall into his face again. This time Laura laughs and shakes her head. Andrew wishes the floor would swallow him whole.

As we see, homosapiens have carious ways of communicating with each other. Some are effective and some others are not. In andrews case we can only say he was lucky.