Imagine you are someone’s shadow for one day. Whose shadow would you be
and why? What would you do?

Anila Lloshi

Middle Age. Arabia. Desert streets. Hot weather. A small village

No sound except for some birds flying over the palm trees at the end of the view.

Then a man comes across.

About forty, tall, handsome, familiar face, clean clothes, confident looking, walking quietly with a smiling face towards the houses in front of him.

I felt that he didn’t belong there, but rethink his smiling face and confidence I thought it would be one from the village.

(-oh, I forgot to say who I am: I am the shadow! I can be anyone’s shadow: I can follow everyone, and they don’t see me, I can be their other self: I can stand and feel and see what they see)

So I decided to follow him: Two as one: (from now on i’ll speak on we)

We entered his home. One of the most single and modest one but clean and warm.

“Cover me, please darling” – he said “I’m shivering”. She came in with a blanket, feeling worried, same as me, why he was could when the weather was so hot. She layed beside him and at this point I left for awhile, leaving them alone, with the wonder of what made him humble.

Next day I was his shadow again. We are there in front of many other men at the center of the village.

“Our lord has sent us a message” he said. “We should care for each other, we should help, be generous; we should be humble and speak right, speak only the truth. All mankind are brothers and sisters, we are the same, no matter the colors or shapes: we should love and respect each other, as we are all creatures of our one and only god.”

I was shocked.

Even me, who as I said was invisible was a little scared how they would react… I knew they had a lot of “little gods”. A lot of wood or stone statues that they worshiped, what if they got mad…? What if they kill him? Isn’t he scared? How can he be so brave?


Well, I’m not telling you if I was brave enough to stay… If I could return to him…

I’m just saying I met him again. I heard speaking softly when everybody around was angry and full of hate.

I saw him giving his last bread to an orphan, his last soup to an old man, and still be smiling though he went to bed hungry.

I wasn’t his only shadow anymore, you know? Lots of people were following him. I was returning to him from time to time just to listen at those words: “We should love each other… we care… we do got… we may… we thank our lord… we are one…”” Few following, doing the same good things… Most fighting, destroying the good deeds…

I stood there for a million years perhaps… first a shadow…

Then I decided to change

I would have my face and voice, my heart and my heauds.

To see and tell and feel and build that there can be a better world if we chose to do the same.

“Being a shadow is not enough”, I said to myself. “Shadows have no heart and hands”

Deciding to follow the right path, I felt my heart warm helping other people, sharing with them the goods I had.

“Do you understand now? Said he turning right to my face. I was wondering to who he was speaking

“You, my follower – he said – don’t consider yourself just a shadow, choose to follow me by free will!”

God bless him!

He was Muhammad, last prophet sent by god as mercy from for all mankind.

If we are just shadows let us change, by free will to be followers, not just watchers of doing good, believing god, giving , sharing and caring for each other.

Me? Yes! I’m the shadow!

Of myself

Im watching me of not doing anything bad, of helping as I can of course of loving: you!