You find yourself locked inside an old abandoned building. How did you get
there? How do you get out?

Xhes Baze

I opened my eyes, but my vision was really blurry and I couldn’t see anything. Some weird metallic noises were coming from a place near me. I tried to move but my body felt so numb, I faited. After a few moments that felt like years, I was able to get up. I was in complete darkness. As I was trying to move, I touched something on the floor. It was a lighter. It was really small, but it still worked. I grabed it and started to explore. I didn’t remember why I was there in the first place. I climed up some stairs that led me to an old lady’s room. You could see that the lady who had lived there, didn’t have financial problems, because the room was decorated with expensive furnitures. As I was loking for clues, I came across some old photos. They seemed really familiar, but I couldn’t understand why. Then I started to have a terrible headache. I close my eyes and I tried to calm myself down. None of these things happened. Instead, I started to remember some small details ; my family, my high-school classroom, Lydia and john, my two best friends, some parties but nothing serious. Then I looked at the photos once again. The women in the picture looked terribly similar to me, but I could tell that I hadn’t seen her before. She had dark brow hair, full lips, brown eyes. She was stunning. She was smiling in the picture, while hugging a man, that looked like her boyfriend or fiancée. He was tall and wellbiult. They looked really happy. But, again, I had no idea who they were. I didn’t think much of it and I started too look for clues somewhere else. I climbed up some more stairs. A specific room caught my attention. I went inside and a lot a portraits were hanging on the walls. I was looking carefully at every one of them. Seemed like the family that had the house was filthy rich. Then I saw the woman and the man from the photos before. They were in one of the portraits. The woman was holding a small baby girl and the man was smiling at them. I looked closer so I could read their names. The first two names didn’t ring a bell, but the third one….. it was my name. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There had to be something wrong with the portrait. I started to panic. I was sheking and I tripped on something and I felt. Than another headache. Some more memories. A family fight. My father shouting loudly. My mother crying. Me running out of the house. Than it clicked. That night I found out that I was adopted-more like, my parents kidnaped me from my biological parents when I was a child. There excuse was that my biological parents were planning to live me but I didn’t believe a word coming out of their mouths. The same night, I decided to find my real parents. I searched for some documents and I found their names, photos and there address. Well there old one, because they had moved to another country five years ago. But I was determined to find out who they were. So I called my two best friends and we went to the house. Half way there, we realized that there were people following us. We split up and went inside the house, I fell and hit my head. That’s why I was at the house and the first place. I started sobbing and crying, realizing I was alone. I had no family, my friend were nowhere to be seen and I was trapped inside an old creepy building. I calmed myself down and I went on the first floor again. I was trying to open the door forcefully. I started to bleed but I was able to open it. I ran outside, even though I was pouring rain. I had to get out of that house. Something started ringing. I found where it was and I went to pick it up it was my phone. John was calling me I talk to him I told to come and get me. After a few minutes, I saw his car. I felt relieved, I went to his house and Lidia was there as well. After telling them what happened, I took a hot shower and reflected. I had no idea about I would do but I knew one thing: I had to be strong I had myself, my friends and that’s all I needed. Everything would be alright in the end.