You’re on a field trip to the art museum with your class. As you’re walking
through the gallery, you suddenly realize that the people in the paintings can talkto you! What are they saying?

Lolita Mati

I’m awake, it’s the big day! Today is the day that I’m writing that wonderful and creepy experience that happened to me that warm spring day. The “wow” thing wasn’t in the morning, but in the most ordinary place in a world, school. yeah school. I just remember that I woke up very angry and of course as always, I was late. It was history class I was hopping that the teacher won’t do us a test in history although history is my favorite subject. Teacher finally opened her mouth and said: Students! I have something special planing for you today.

In that moment my mind was like…

Alarm! Alarm! Beware! Danger! Nooooo the test i coming. I could picture myself getting an F and me crying at home for the rest of the week but…..

Students I thought that today we are going to visit a museum.

Yaaaay- we all said.

And in my mind I was like……

Omg! Omg! Thanks god!

Well if you thing that this was the “wow” thing sorry to let you down but nah. The wow thing is coming but please read more.

Okay so we went there. The thought that we had no test in hostory made me feel like a buterfly flying above a wonderful pink flower. Every thing was sooo boring there All you called see where first pictures, old peaces of paper, pictures, pictures and something else I don’t remember right now, oh I found it, pictures again! And I was like…

Seriously dude, this is way too borring.

The teacher was talking to us. She was explaning the circumstances of the states durin first word war showing us a picture of Hitler. So in general boring things. Than we saw a statue of Cleopatra and old stuff from aicent Egypt. That was really facinating tho. Than the best part when my mind was like…… “Wow” was that moment when we saw a real mummy. It was very cool.

Than I noticed something strange….. All the most famous things of acient time where there, in just one single museum of our small city. But how…. I mean we saw mummys in a museum in Korca while that mummy should be in the National Museum of Kajro in Egypt. My mind was really blowing in that moment. Later I realise that others didn’t noticed that. Click!

The light shut down and everything went dark, like deep dark. There’s no way you could see anything in that huge museum wich were way larger than the building outside. I started to scream with all my voice. I was looking for others in the dark but…. nothing. I was alone! I know wow right! But wait there’s more! As I was screaming and begging for help I felt a cold very thin hand like a dead meat in my shoulder. I froze. My blood wasn’t circulating anymore. I turned around and sudenly the lights were on again. And what I saw! The mummy was standing in front of me saying –oh hello Lolita. I’m Jack. We are in school together remember. So are you enjoying the visit in museum? What… I was surprised by myself too. I wasn’t screaming anymore. It was the voice of Jack but it was a Mummy!! See, – he contined that pichre over there!

I saw the picture! Hitler was moving!! He was saying something in German that as I understood was let the war begin! And suddenly all the pichers was coming outside the pichur coming towards me. Their faces seemed very angry and ready to attack! My brain was like … Run girl, run!! But the door was locked. I said:

  • What do you want from me?
  • For all the cakes of the world she can speak!! (Marie Anttonette said!)
  • Yes of course I can speak and you miss should be without a head. You were excecudet in 1700s in Revolution of France.
  • Oh! How dare you threat me like that. I’m a queen. I’m the queen of cakes!

Than Mona Lisa said:

  • Anette, please, the girl was right, you are just a lifelike picture that comes outside of the pichure is the mos ordinary thing in the world isn’t it.

And I was like

  • Yeah picture coming in life and trying to attack me is pretty normal.
  • But let get straight to the point! (said Xhorxh Washington) Amerika needs us. Slavery should be forbidden.
  • Xhorxh, you are a picture for the god sake.
  • Oh yeah, for the rights of the museum than.

Than I said

  • Guys! – and all the pictures where looking at me. I just wanna go home.
  • No until we’ll have a word with you young lady. (Shekspir speaking) You are a drama queen lady. You keep saying allways that history is boring. But let me tell you something! It isn’t. You offended us.
  • So let me guess, you came alive and freaked me out just to talk about history is beautiful?
  • Of course! (Cleopatra speaking). History is beauty itself.
  • Here she started just because you are Miss History doesn’t mean you know everything.
  • Guys!! Please let me out I want to see my mommy.
  • Mummy? Did she say mummy! Here I am.
  • Noo, not you! I said mommy! Look I love history its my favorite subject but today I woke up angry. I realised that everyone in school is gonne outside this cursed or haunted museum without me.
  • Darling – said Napoleon Bonapart. Your friends are here but you can’t see them cause we brought you to the dimension of history. We only wanted to show you that history is not boring.
  • Yeah, – said King Edward I. History is a wonderful world. You can turn back your head and see a different time. Different sense of lifestyle. You can learn about many things. History is not boring. History is not boring.

Suddenly I realized I was back. Everything was normal. Jack was acting like mummy and Anna was admiring the statue of God. We were at the museum of Middle Aged icons. See this was the “wow” thing.

So do you thing is “wow”

Do you thing that history is still boring?

Nah, now I don’t thing so.