You live alone with a pet cat. One day the cat starts talking. What does it say,
and what happens next?

Era Gjyla

After a day of school I came home tired. I was feeling weird that day. I think it was from the milk. So as soon as I got home my cat started to follow me like she was in danger. Then I stopped and asked her what was going on and then she just started to talk. For a moment I lost my feelings. As soon as I woke up my cat started to talk. I was so amazed even though I’ve always wished for my cat to talk it was weird. So she told me everything. She told me for the “catland” I just couldn’t believe my cat would talk so most of the time I was just staring at her and watching her lips move. And I think she told me something about a King Dog which was destroying her kingdom and her queen locked in a small room. So after hearing those things I just want to help her. She said that this was why she was crying all day. She took me at my garden. There she told me for a little hole in the wall. I put my door through it and it couldn’t fit. The cat gave me a weird juice and I turned into a fluffy white cat with orange stops. She said me to jump into the hole but just got from the other side of of the wall. She told me to imaginate so I could go to “CatLand”. I did that and amasingly I was in “CatLandia”. I saw a big castle decorated with black crystals. My cat was very sad. She told me how beautiful was it before kind “Dog” came. We ran fast as we could. At the way there we saw bulldog guardians. It was pretty scary when you were a cat. After we got in the castle we went at the prisons where the queen was staying. My cat found a key at the sleepy bulldog’s belt. After we opened the cage the queen thanked us. We even helped the other cat soldiers locked in cages. Very carefully we went to the king Dog’s room. It was very ugly.  It had dog slime on everything. After going inside the room me and other cats locked the king in a cage. I wore his pajamas. I was pretending to sleep in his bed. I called the guardians and told them to leave the kingdom. The guardians were very amazed. They thought that I was sick. One of them came close to me and I started to shout to him. Then he and the other dogs left from the CatLandia and never came back. As for the king we locked him as he did with the cats’ queen. As soon as they thanked me I woke up. It was just a dream. When I woke up my cat started to talk. And I screamed

-Whaaaat? It was pretty creepy.