You are a kid’s imaginary friend, but you find yourself slowly fading away as they grow older.

Roaldo Hoti

They told me that life moves fast so I should keep record of what happening in a diary before I forget it. And who are they? Oh, doesn’t mater, God, aliens… Something like that. So lets start –

Dear Diary,

This is the first time Im talking to you so let me introduce myself. I’m Waldo, a 17 year old boy who lives a pretty normal life. Lives?

Sorry, lived, cause I’m dead! Year, car accident, blah, blah, blah… but lefts get to the important stuff. I’ve been sent back in time, dead of course, nobody can see or hear me and I have a job. To babysit my younger version of me or that what I thought. He is 12 years old and he is the only one who can see or hear me.

Well he used to see me, cause that little piece of sh…, sorry, chocolate cake is forgetting me. I was kind of his imaginary babysitter and friend. I appeared to him since he was 6 years old and ever since we use to have a blast. I remember the time when that bully knocked him down and locked him in the bathroom, nobody could cheer him up but me, and plus what I did to that bully’s nightmares was horrible! Lefts say he survived. Nobody used to play with him but me and it was painful to me to see myself once again lonely and suffering. But as every child, they grown up and forget things and people they shouldn’t

The problem is not that I’ll be lonely once I fade away, the problem is what’s going to happen on his 13th birthday, and that’s the time he needs me the most. And how can I help him if he doesn’t remember me?

On my 13th birthday his father…, my father dies diary. He doesn’t know and I know nobody will help him on that day, cause nobody helped me. I needed someone, someone like me. I’ve got to help him.

****A few days after***

Dear Diary,

I’ve never cried for myself more. On his birthday, while he was celebrating, my mother went to him and told him the news. I remember the tears, the hugs. I was a sensitive boy, still am. And as sensitive as I was, I was tearing myself apart from the inside. That night my mothers left me crying on the bed and eventually I got to sleep. Its very painful for a 13 year sensitive boy to lose his father on his birthday, he completely lost it. If I couldn’t talk to hm in the real world, at least on his dreams. It was effortless with roses and bears, I had to scare him. I put a coffin in the middle of his room. He immediately woke up, and I knew he could see me next to the coffin. “You see it” I said “That’s your father” I could tell he was scared by trying to under the sheets. “There is no point hiding Waldo. If you could only listen to me you’ll see that life is not that scary. I know what you’ve passing through. I have been there, trust me, trust yourself, If you are going to spend all yours life under those sheets just because you are scared of what’s out there, well thats not living. I know your father hated yours mothers and that your brothers don’t get along but if you build a wall to protect yourself, that wall will be destroyed and it will take you with it” He didn’t say a word, just looked at me with doubt. “I know I don’t have much time but, every time you feel lonely and desperate you need to trust only yourself. If you’re afraid to take a step into the unknown trust that I’ll be there to take that step with you! I promise! He was just a father, he did not give you the love you deserve. I will, yourself will!

In tears little waldo ran to hug me but it was too late. I disappeared from his sight and he woke up knowing everything. But thats okay, I live in his heart, in his self esteem.

Diary, the reason I was there, was not to comfort him on his father death. He didn’t need that, he needed self esteem, belief on his self on his…. when hell become 17 years old, the day when it is planned for him to die. Dear diary, I wasn’t found dead on a car accident, I killed myself cause I had family problems, my mother and brothers. I had no belief in the world, trouble with money, family problems, no father …. So I drank a whole bottle of sleeping pills and eventually I went to sleep but they did not rescued me after that. Now I know why “They” sent me to little Waldo. To give him what he needed the most, the will to life, to give myself the chance to be happy in front of every problem.

I’ll let you on a sneak peek diary

… After I helped little Waldo on his 17th birthday after commiting suicide, they managed to rescue me.

I live and so does he, with belief this time and Im grateful for that.

With love,

Just one Waldo.