Ayah Rachidi

So, you wanna know what life as an ants like, huh. Well, I’ll tell you, but I’m warning you it’s not all sugar and spice. Oh, and I’m not the size of an ant, I AM an ant. My life begins in a dark anthill, where my egg was layed. In my anthill, all the females were workers, and all the males were adventurers, warriors. While we expanded our borders, the males were discovering new things like SHUGA, POTATA and  ANT KILLER. Well, I got seriously annoyed and one night I snak out of the hill. I was astonished to see the sky and stars glittering like daimonds on a deep blue cloak. After that, I realised, I was FREE. I traveled far and wide, but my strangest adventure was in a little town I do not remember very well. It was The middle of the night and I lay awake, of fear of the bedbugs devouring me. But then I heard a horifying sound. It was
growling, hissing and scratching a window (No, it was not a cat, it was something more beastly) I shook in fear and stayed were I was and waited. SMASH! The glass was broken. In the house there were sounds of strugle, until a blood curdling roar was suddenly followed by utter, unbreakable silence. The next day I saw a man move out of that house, probably something to do with the monster. But I’ll forever only know one thing, and that was the creature was as black as night, with gleaming yellow eyes and a foaming mouth with teeth as sharp as razors.